Thank You Jim, Lars and Mark

Thank You Jim, Lars and Mark

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The LCS Board of Directors ended their work this year in June at our final board meeting of 2021-2022. It has been an eventful year and much work has been done to move the school’s mission and strategic plan forward. We had an opportunity to say farewell to three men who have served our school community with integrity, courage and vision over 6 years: Jim Heuving, Lars Vanlinge and Mark Griffieon. 

Jim served the past 2 years as our board chair. We appreciated his steady hand and calm, pastoral presence on our board. He led with distinction, kept meetings focused and moved us far toward becoming a board striving for excellence in governance. Always ready to listen and to discuss critically important issues and work toward successful resolutions, Jim modeled effective leadership navigating the complexities and challenges facing Christian communities today. 

Lars provided excellent leadership during his time of service on the LCS board, serving on several Growth and Development Committees which did some very heavy lifting and consultation during 2017-2019 to discern how God was moving the LCS community in a season of growth. Lars brought a clear, courageous communication style that was discerning, undeterred and always focused on what was best for the long term vision and sustainability of the school. 

Mark has been an inspirational model of grace and personal growth. He’s brought to our meetings the learning journey he’s been on as a community leader in the City of Surrey, and moved us far in our understanding, empathy and compassion for the vulnerable in our community. His prescience early in 2020 alerted us in advance of the coming pandemic and likely school closures so we were ready when they came. Mark’s contributions as a Director were always rooted in a clearly Christ-inspired ethical framework that put the needs of students and families first in our decisions. 

There are few men and women you encounter in your life whose character, courage and integrity make a lasting impact on how you relate to, listen to, and walk alongside your neighbours. They understood well in their service, that this is God’s school and we are all merely stewards on a journey to live out its mission as best we are able. As a new Head of Schools, I consider it a true joy and blessing to have had the opportunity to work with these three men on the LCS Board. 

Jim, Lars and Mark represent the best of Christian leadership working collaboratively in community to sacrificially serve others. 

Well done faithful servants.