“Write the vision…”



The generosity of the LCS community through the annual fund each year will enable us to be strategic in providing high quality educational programming, resources and teacher training that ensure our instruction and the experiences we create for students are innovative and have impact on student achievement and on our community. 

Your support of LCS through the Annual Fund have resulted in tremendous program enhancements for our school in the past. This school year, as we plan for the future growth and development of LCS, guided by the important strategic goals to expand our community impact and to execute with excellence, we have established the Impact and Innovation Fund, the purpose of which will be to place grants in the hands of staff who submit proposals to the SLT for projects or ideas that would greatly benefit our students and propel our kids to thrive in some key areas: 

      • creativity and the arts
      • entrepreneurship
      • science, technology and mathematics
      • trades and work experience
      • engineering and design
      • community outreach and service
      • improving student achievement
      • leadership
      • health and wellness
      • spiritual growth

Project proposals will meet certain criteria, will fit our core values be well-researched for their impact, and will have measurable goals. To get our fund started this year, we contributed $16,000, which has enabled us to get some innovative projects off the ground. We have some initial projects planned which are only possible through generous contributions, both large and small.

Our goal this year is 100% participation, no matter how small, however you are able to support the vision of LCS to be intentionally innovative and impactful. 

2019-2020 Impact & Innovation Proposals

  • K-8 Literacy Assessment Kits ($8000) …started fall 2019

    • WHY? What is the impact this project will have? We know that the most powerful thing schools can do to prepare 21st century learners is to equip them with strong literacy skills. Poor literacy skills at grade 3 are correlated with long-term greater health and social-emotional challenges, and significantly poorer high school achievement outcomes. To establish high impact instruction in literacy, teachers need to use industry-standard assessments to accurately identity the strategies K-8 students need increased time and frequency in practicing, and we need to know the impact our literacy instruction is having on students. 
    • What is the innovation? To implement well, we purchased enough assessment kits for each grade 1-5 team to integrate regular, ongoing assessments into their practices. Observation, training and release time for teachers to share and refine practices is also needed. The innovation is in both shifting practices and spreading expertise throughout our school so that we can guarantee our students are receiving the very best possible foundations for future success.

  • High School Library Learning Commons Renovation

     …proposal in process… 

    • WHY? What is the impact this project will have? A renovation and redesign of our library learning commons will enable us to host meetings and summits of educators and community stakeholders. It will create more engaging spaces and resources for students to engage in the creativity, collaboration and literacy skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century marketplace. It is also necessary for us to improve our spaces that engage us in the learning conversations about faith and identity that are so necessary in the age of automation, artificial intelligence and robotics. 
    • What is the innovation? Libraries has repositories of books have changed in 21st century schools to become the focal point, or hub of cross-disciplinary learning, thinking and collaboration. Modern library learning commons are inviting, support a variety of literacies equipped with rich, engaging and relevant resources. They are flexible spaces able to accommodate meetings and presentations, small group instruction, collaborative work as well as quiet contemplation and study. We are currently in consultation with architects for a cost-effective, creative redesign concept of the library at LCS. 

  • LCS Legacy Space 

     …proposal in process… 

    • WHY? What is the impact this project will have? We are currently exploring concepts for a revitalization of the high school entrance and foyer which will communicate the history, purpose and values of LCS to all who enter our doors. We plan to visit with and consult with former staff and alumni to capture their stories and link them with a vision for the future of this school in the Langley community. 
    • What is the innovation? We are planning on redesigning the front entryway, foyer and upper foyer to include displays, artifacts, images and stories about LCS. It will help connect everyone invited into our building to the legacy of this school. We know that the aesthetics of the teaching and learning environment is a strong advertisement for your values as a community and it can positively impact the sense of pride and identity we have as a school that is distinctively Christian. 

  • MS/HS Computer Design and ADST programming


    • WHY? What is the impact this project will have? With your generosity last year we were able to begin the process of expanding opportunities for kids to learn about coding, robotics and aviation. We want to expand that further to prepare our kids well with authentic, job-ready skills in the sciences, design and technology. This proposal involves expanding our robotics program and developing a computer design and production classroom. 
    • What is the innovation? Creating a robotics and design culture where students use their skills to participate in authentic and entrepreneurial learning will enable LCS to support local non-profits and small businesses, as well as create marketing and school-spirit products. Students will also be able to take their learning into the community, engage with industry professionals, and compete against other schools in robotics events. To make this happen we need to purchase additional VEX kits (robotics equipment) and additional software, computers and large format printing equipment.

How can you support our initiatives? Parents, grandparents and alumni are encouraged to partner with the school’s faculty, staff and administration as they willingly and wholeheartedly share their gifts and talents to make LCS an excellent place of high impact learning for our students. The fund drive provides an opportunity for all members of the broader Christian community to support the families within their community who have chosen Christian Education for their children and young people.

This year our Annual Fund goal is 100% participation. Would you please join us in supporting the families of LCS and make a gift or a pledge to the Annual Fund? Every donation is important and appreciated!