Middle years 6-8

Equipping pre-teens in Christ-centred, supportive, relevant, and exploratory learning opportunities.

Equipping pre-teens in Christ-centred, supportive, relevant, and exploratory learning opportunities.

middle years program (Grades 6-8)

welcome to “camp” middle school

Thriving through exploratory, hands-on learning.

Guided by best practices in middle years education, our teachers provide learning experiences that foster a strong, supported transition from elementary to high school.

Our teaching is hands-on, minds engaged, future focused, community orientated and intentionally builds experiences and relationships that are remembered for a lifetime.

exploring the middle years

In addition to teaching the province’s revised 6-8 curriculum, the middle years program at LCS encourages students to engage in a wide range of exploratory learning opportunities.

These opportunities emphasize essential hands-on learning in STEM areas (sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics) and are designed to help develop passions students can continue pursuing in their high school electives.

expand_more Outdoor Education
  • Camp Kawkawa grade 6 camping trip
  • SALTS grade 8 sailing trip off Vancouver Island
expand_more Curricular Distinctives
  • Multidisciplinary units integrating faith into learning
  • Enriched mathematics
  • Inclusive and differentiated practices
  • Community-orientated, service learning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Discovery Fair
expand_more Music & Fine Arts Education
  • Music Exploratories
  • Band
  • Visual Arts


expand_more Athletics & Recreation
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Track & Field
  • Cross-Country
  • Soccer
  • Intramurals
expand_more STEM Exploratories
  • Aviation
  • Robotics
  • Computers and coding
  • Media arts and photography

Middle years

LCS Middle

Dedicated Staff

The middle years are critical yet challenging times for children. This period of growth and development demands dedicated faculty who are specially trained and equipped to build connections with pre-teens and adolescents.



  • Relationship – Teachers trained to teach the middle years
  • Partnership – Every student is connected
  • Service – Community service that fosters joy and Kingdom-minded living



  • Leadership – Nurturing from childhood through adolescence with effective teams of educators and collaboration
  • Excellence – Multiple learning opportunities and universal belief that everyone can learn
  • Inclusion – Safe, inclusive and supportive classrooms



  • Integrity – Good digital citizenship
  • Authentic – Active, purposeful development of core competencies
  • Exploratory Learning – Engaging, hands-on STEM options
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