LCS Elementary “The Lion King Jr” Musical Played Three Packed Performances

LCS Elementary “The Lion King Jr” Musical Played Three Packed Performances

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“While others search for what they can take, a true king searches for what he can give”


The journey of putting the elementary production of the Lion King Jr. musical has been one example of collaboration and unity that we hope students will be talking about for generations. Each member of our elementary team brought their unique talents and strengths to the over 1200 audience members that joined us over two days. From the lively performances of our Grade 4 and 5 cast to the hand crafted masks made in our ADST classes, every aspect of the production reflected LCS’s desire for community, connection, togetherness, and belonging embodied in Romans 12:5.

What made this experience truly remarkable was the way in which it transcended individual achievements and celebrated the collective effort of our school community. Just as every part of the body has a unique function, each member of our team played a vital role in bringing the Lion King to life on stage. It was a powerful reminder that when we come together in Christ, we see Christ more clearly in the gifts we share with others. 

“It’s been five years since we last attended the elementary school musical and I feel like the arts program is back in full swing from K to 12 at LCS”

LCS Grandparent

What sort of Biblical connections are students making from the Lion King? Students are talking about the true king. They are talking about being members of the performance. Students are sharing about how they each had different roles to play. Our students are describing how we live in Christ and HE lives in us, so we can come alive, and be fully who he created us to be. 

Each year, we intentionally select our scripture passage to help our community learn together. This year, we have been exploring Romans 12:3-8, with particular emphasis on v. 5: “In Christ, many members, one body.” 

LCS continues to provide excellent opportunities for students to explore their faith through our Arts core program

As we reflect on these unforgettable performances, let us continue to embrace unity that binds us together as one body in Christ. May we always celebrate the diverse gifts and talents within our community, knowing that it is through our collective efforts that we can help every student thrive with purpose and faith. 

We would like to extend a special thanks to Mrs. Wood for her incredible work producing the musical, Ms. Hogg for directing the performance, Ms. Verwoerd for directing the choir and singing, Mr. Van Hemert for helping with mask design, Ms. Cardinal for her work with make-up, Mr. Wood for his technical work with sound and lighting, and Mrs. Paquette and Mrs. du Randt for their work with the set design. 

A special thanks to our parent community for their incredible work with costumes and set design. 

We invite our community to continue supporting future arts projects. Please consider supporting our TTT Capital Campaign so we can see more students thrive.