Equipping students

Transforming Lives

Impacting Communities

Shaping a new generation of young people to be agents of change who are justice-seeking, discerning, inclusive, courageous, equipped, confident in who God created them to be, and ready to have an impact for Christ in their community and beyond.

Shaping a new generation of young people to be agents of change who are justice-seeking, discerning, inclusive, courageous, equipped, confident in who God created them to be, and ready to have an impact for Christ in their community and beyond.

Equipping students. Transforming Lives.

Our mission is to educate, inspire and equip students in Christ-like discernment, to discover their gifts and to seek their calling so together we can transform lives and communities. 

Choosing your child’s school is an important decision

Schools are one of the most critical influences in our children’s lives. Schools shape youth health, identity, values, what one worships, and whether one develops the crucial building blocks needed to thrive as learners: literacy, numeracy, personal wellness, discernment, critical thinking and creativity.

LCS is surrounded by good community-based schools with dedicated teachers and administrators, in the heart of one of the province’s best school districts, in one of the world’s best performing school systems. There are several schools of choice with great kids and motivated parents and caregivers seeking the best for their children – just like you. We are blessed to have safe, secure and quality K-12 schooling options in British Columbia. Let us help you make a prayerful, informed decision about your child’s future.


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Core Features of our K-12 program

What separates us from other options is how we teach and what we build our curriculum around. We serve a different purpose, that is greater than ourselves. We strive every day to walk worthy of our calling to provide a distinctively Christian education, rooted in inclusive and shared values and implementing the best of what we know works to provide a quality, impactful education. Our K-12 Learner Profile guides us in striving to ensure every graduate has had opportunities to explore the three most important questions in life: Who is God? Who am I? What is my purpose? In an increasingly complex world with many different voices telling them who they should be, our approach to teaching and learning is designed to equip students for a changing world, and find their anchor and hope in what the Bible teaches about their identity and purpose.

Study after study of thousands of schools tells us that the best schools are those where there is a strong sense of shared values, and beliefs, reinforced by a strong educational mission, a sense of community and trust, and a whole staff commitment to ongoing professional growth and learning. No other school of choice in our region offers what your family will experience at our schools.


With smaller than average class sizes, a middle school of just over 300 students and a high school of just over 400, we are big enough to offer excellent programs and experiences, yet small enough that every child is known and connected.


The LCS Bible Curriculum is designed to foster the competences captured in our K-12 Learner Profile, and integrate Christian thinking and values into our core subjects and extra-curricular experiences. Our teaching practices reflect our values.


We ensure that every child is equipped to learn the foundational competencies they need to thrive as learners – literacy, numeracy, wellness, discernment & creative thinking. We believe every child can achieve success as a learner.


Our K-12 Instructional Guidelines are our guarantee that in every classroom, every day, our students are learning though differentiated, evidence-based teaching practices aligned with what we know about how God designed us all to be curious learners.


Our Impact & Innovation Fund supported by the generosity of our community puts tools in the hands of staff and students to ensure we offer innovative, entrepreneurial, creative and impactful learning experiences for all K-12 students.


LCS offers a range of hands-on, minds-on STEM learning experiences in sciences; trades, technology and computing; engineering; creative arts; media; mathematics. Our program has something engaging for the full range of learners at LCS.


What separates us from other options in this community is that we are committed to putting students in relationship with outstanding Christian leaders and mentors who work in partnerships with the community, parents, alumni and local churches – people who are passionate about their profession and believe their purpose is to equip children to live fully into the potential that God has placed in them. We are committed to professional learning, using the most effective practices and teaching the way we know God has designed all children to learn, thrive and grow.

…the world needs future-focused, engaged, faithful Christian education…


In a future of accelerating social and technological change, our children need a school that securely anchors them in relationships rooted in timeless values, where they learn the habit of mind to make decisions and judgments from a Biblical perspective and flourish in what makes us truly human, individually unique and precious in the sight of a loving creator.

The world needs future-focused, engaged, faithful Christian education more than ever before. A Christian learning community has never been more relevant as an environment to shape a new generation of young people, agents of change who are justice-seeking, discerning, inclusive, courageous, equipped and ready to have an impact for Christ in their community. A commitment to LCS is a commitment to building a better future for our communities.


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