Students shine at Speechfest this year

Students shine at Speechfest this year

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Every spring our students in grades 1-12 are invited by our outstanding teacher-librarians to participate in our speech competition. The speeches always range in topics and focus, but never disappoint. This year’s winners were exceptional again.


Gr. 1 – Cambria Thomas (Moving)

Gr. 2 – Gabrielle Groot (Nature is Important)

Gr. 3 – Shane Kiers (Eczema)

Gr. 4 – Lyla Wasmuth (Communicating with Horses)

Gr. 5 – Keaton Mahmood (Bethany Hamilton is an Inspiration)

Gr. 6- Mattias Kuehl (Why Dogs are the Best)

Gr. 7-Holly Krabbendam (Learning about Tiks Disorder)

Gr. 8- Nia Reefschlaeger (Procrastination and How to Overcome it)

Speech Fest is an important event at our school that provides a different way of students learning through competition and encouraging one another to be their best. We think it is important that our students have the skills and confidence to communicate well orally. We’re looking to expand this event next year and involve more students because the learning is so valuable.

ADam woelders, head of schooL


Gr. 9- Sofia Griffeon (Dyslexia)

Gr. 10- Ally Stam (Equine Therapy)

Gr. 11- Anna Kuehl (Procrastination and how to overcome it)

Gr. 12 Kate Lertrujikul (Forgiveness)

Junior Winner (Gr. 9-10) Sofia Griffioen(Dyslexia)

Senior Winner (Gr. 11-12) Annah Kuehl(Procrastination and how to overcome it)

We are thankful for Mrs. VanHemert and Mrs. Friesen for leading and organizing the event. Thank you also to our panel of judges this year who had to make such difficult decisions.