CAMP LCS Served Over 400 kids in the Langley Community

CAMP LCS Served Over 400 kids in the Langley Community

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“CAMP LCS is a place where kids are seen and belong. I’m so thankful to have been part of such an incredible experience, witnessing God work in these camper’s hearts.”  

Willow “Spinach Puffs” Lindberg

This summer, CAMP LCS hosted over 400 campers, 80 middle/high school volunteers, and provided employment for 20 high school staff. This full-scale undertaking was developed in partnership between Regan Davis and Cody Friesen with the vision to equip the next generation of leaders and campers to thrive in all areas of their lives. 

A key goal is to expand support for youth wellness, connection, belonging, and provide transformational learning experiences for our community (LCS Strategic Plan).  

Campers engage in a variety of activities throughout the day: chapel, cabin time, wide games, campfire, crafts, activities, and Bible study. Each of these activities are thoughtfully planned and led by our amazing team of high school staff and middle school volunteers. 

“CAMP LCS is a place I feel safe and welcome. It is a place that campers, as well as leaders, can open up. It has impacted my spiritual health and well-being immensely. One of my biggest take-a-ways has been the impact of a Godly community and how it has encouraged me to really dive into my own relationship with God. I love CAMP!”

Vienna “Confetti” Voth

Families are looking for quality summer experiences as they navigate busy schedules and plans, balancing being away, but also staying connected. The need to find strong role models remains a key reason for CAMP LCS’ efforts to train up Christ-like leaders who have integrity and care as they serve in the world. 

“Our desire is to train leaders that deeply desire to be like Jesus in how they lead. CAMP LCS is an opportunity for many of our students to serve their community by being in community, and working to build community through shared goals.”


This next year, CAMP LCS plans to find more ways for its leaders to give back to the community, involve alumni, and create an unforgettable summer experience. It is our hope to see the LCS community continue to provide opportunities for connection and belonging. 

“CAMP LCS is a highlight of my summer and continues to impact me in numerous ways. I love being around a group of staff that desires to know the Lord and share His love and what a relationship with Him looks like with kids. The campers bring me so much joy and I have loved getting to know so many of them whether it be through the stories they tell me, the songs they share, the bathroom breaks or the bracelets we make.”

Noelle “Blizzard” Van Huizen