LCS Arts Program Completely Captured the “Spirit of Christmas”

LCS Arts Program Completely Captured the “Spirit of Christmas”

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Creating community and meaningful experiences for students to excel in their gifts and talents while glorifying God. THAT’s the MISSION.


FIND OUT MORE: Check Out “Behold: Behind the Scenes” (VIDEO)

The Middle and High School music programs led by new LCS teachers, Connor Murdoch and Elizabeth Smith performed for packed audiences on two consecutive nights.

The grade 6-12 concert bands, jazz ensembles & combos, the HS Vocal Club, and student soloists. Kudos to all students who put their learning so far this year on display for our community! Thank you to all the parents and relatives who attended, and to the hardworking music teachers, music committee parents, and the Athletic Department for their support!

The Elementary School performed an amazing concert on the heals of the middle and high performances. Every student in K-5 performed. Talented students and soloists danced, clapped, jumped, sang their hearts out, and played all kinds of instruments from xylophones to handbells to recorders and percussion. Thank you to all the parents and community members who attended! A huge thank you and kudos to Odette Williams and Bethany Verwoerd for the amazing work they’ve done, and thanks to Anita Wood, Eric Bylenga, Connor Murdock, Jacob Doornberg and Hayden Storteboom for their support with tech and A/V!

“BEHOLD” was written by LCS staff Chantelle Gallant and Cody Friesen and was inspired by the memories and stories from the students who performed.

This past weekend was a milestone for the Arts programs at LCS. The sold-out production of “BEHOLD: A Christmas Story” had audiences raving after each of the 10 performances. This production was inspired by the Christmas memories and traditions of the cast, but anchored around the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of Jesus.

And Christmas isn’t about the big trip, or festive plans and meals. It’s about reflecting on who Jesus is. It’s about celebrating the Christmas story.


The Junior Kindergarten and Preschool program also loves to sing, and had the honour to perform for our families. We are so thankful to be able to come together in worship and experience the Christmas joy from the youngest in our school.

When I think of Christmas, I think about the lights. I love setting up the Christmas lights on the outside of our house. And there is a very particular way and method that you do not interfere with! But when I look at the lights up on the roof, I think about THE LIGHT. And how I’m called to share my light and not hide it. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to hide it.  (Beat) If I think about that little baby right there, in that manger…and what HE did for me, my family, my friends…(beat) Well I surely do not deserve it. That good, personal, promise– the best gift. And I want my neighbours to know that gift, see that light. I want the entire city to see it, the country, the world. True light, you can’t hide it. It always finds a crack to shine through.

“ANGEL” (Judah Lindberg)IN Behold