Student Life at the High School

Student Life at the High School

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The Lightning Life department will bring together a variety of professionals in support of your child. Specifically, they will support the personal, social-emotional, and spiritual growth and development of LCS students. Some of these team members already exist in our school, and others are new this year.

Long before we closed the door on the 2020-21 school year, our office staff and administration had already begun turning their eyes toward the upcoming year. We are thrilled to announce some exciting changes for the 2021-22 school year.

Why add to our Student Life Department at the High School?

“Bryk et al. (1993) found that the cultivation of a sense of unity and community was a key factor in developing a climate of excellence in schools” and, “according to Oxley and Green (2006), in today’s high school populations, the alienating effects on students are more profound than ever.”

Nixon, Launay-Fallasse, and Watts (2010) stated that schools using the house system model find “the relationships that are built get at the root of school culture and transform critical constructs that are foundational for learning”.

What is a “house?”

Houses are vertical divisions of the entire student body; they will include students from Gr. 9, 10, 11 and 12 within the same House. They are intentionally designed to reflect the school’s diversity, encompassing students of various ethnicities, ages, academic abilities, athletic abilities, giftings, and social maturity. All teaching faculty and staff members are assigned to houses to help encourage stronger relationships between adults and students in the school. Students will remain a member of the same House for the duration of their high school experience at LCS. Your child will be known.

Students within each House are also placed in a Community Group of 14-16 other same-graded students. There are two Community Groups at each grade level, in each house. Each Community Group is led by an LCS Staff member. Community groups will attend chapel together among various other activities throughout the school year.

The social connections of Houses have the potential to lessen student anxiety and reduce insecurities (Green, 2006). At the same time, engaging in house activities can harness and enhance some of the more positive attributes of early adolescence, such as students’ burgeoning idealism and interest in the world. Each House is supported and lead by a House Director.

What is a “house director”?

The House Director is an LCS staff member who is responsible for building strong, authentic relationships with students while overseeing the social-emotional well-being of the approximately 125-140 students in their House. They will work to foster a sense of community at LCS as well as a sense of spirit within their House. House Director’s liaise with, and are supported by our Clinical Counsellor (Mr. McVety), Academic Counsellor (Mrs. Huberts), Youth Care Worker (Ms. Ens), Director of Instruction (Mr. Mirchandani) as well as Learning Support Services and the Crosswalk Team (Biblical Studies Department).

A few things will change. Your first point of contact with the school will be your House Director. They will have a part to play in social-emotional learning, behavioural interventions, conflict resolution, academic monitoring and support, managing course selection and changes, and addressing relevant trends in adolescents. At a minimum, they will be able to point you in the right direction to contact the correct faculty member, while walking alongside your child as a supportive and caring adult.

We’re excited by the new opportunities these Houses will afford to enrich our students’ experiences, further grow in their faith, and build into an even greater community.