Middle School

At Langley Christian Middle School, we work hard to foster a community that has the following core values at its foundation. LCMS is built on: Faith, Relationships, Meaningful Learning, Excellence, Parent Partnership, Student Leadership, Exploration, Service, and Teaming.

Our community includes these characteristics:

  • educators who value working with middle school aged students,
  • collaborative and courageous leadership,
  • a shared vision that guides decisions,
  • an inviting, supportive, and safe environment,
  • high expectations for every member of the learning community,
  • students and teachers that are engaged in active learning,
  • committed to the development of good digital citizenship for all students,
  • school initiated family and community partnerships.

Our community provides:

  • curriculum that is Christ-centred, relevant, challenging, and exploratory,
  • multiple learning and teaching approaches,
  • authentic assessment that promotes quality learning,
  • organizational structures that support meaningful relationships and learning,
  • school wide efforts and policies that foster Christ like living, joyful service,
  • development of discerning disciples of Jesus Christ.

Additional LCS Middle School Programs

LCMS offers a curriculum that is integrated by drawing meaningful connections between subject areas, by developing interdisciplinary units and by incorporating relevant, active learning experiences. LCMS helps students learn how to learn. Effective work habits and pride in workmanship are promoted and valued. Students are expected to achieve to the best of their abilities.

Each grade level team of teachers collaborates to develop activities and learning experiences that will benefit Middle School students. Students participate in a variety of groupings to learn: independent work, whole class discussions, and small group projects. Students are given opportunities at each grade level and in a variety of subjects to show their understanding of new ideas in “hands-on” activities or projects.

While Middle School students are not expected to have homework every day, regular independent reading and review is recommended. Teacher and students use Google Classroom to record work that needs to continue after school at home. Google Classroom allows is an interactive venue for students and their classmates to collaborate and communicate. Homework is intended to be meaningful and to enrich students’ understanding of new ideas or skills. As much as possible, we request that parents work with their son/daughter to encourage the development of effective study skills. A daily supervised Study Hall during lunch recess gives students the opportunity to complete homework that they have not finished on time.

Each class in the Middle School uses FreshGrade, which is an online digital portfolio (accessible by parent/student/teacher) to share student learning and teacher feedback.  This is one way that we can communicate student learning on a regular ongoing basis.

Middle School chapels occur on every other Tuesday morning (block 1). Each homeroom is responsible for a chapel during the school year.  We also love to bring in different speakers who are passionate about challenging our middle school students in their faith journeys.

We have several student worship teams that help to lead worship during chapel on a regular basis.  It is awesome to have students willing to use their gifts to glorify God in this manner.

LCMS fosters the development of adolescents’ commitment to Jesus Christ by providing them with opportunities to actively serve others, both within and outside the school community.  Individual homerooms set up meaningful community service projects during the school year, and additionally, each homeroom is responsible for taking care of one area of the school (ex. paper recycling, composting, street cleanup, etc.)

For more info on the LCS Middle School extracurricular activities, please click the titles below:

The Middle School choir meets once a week, during lunch, in the Band room. All are welcome to join! New members are accepted every term. We sing everything from pop to classical. Our performances include the Fraser Valley Kiwanis Choir Festival, as well as Christmas and year-end concerts.

Games Club is a club open to grades 6 through 8, giving students a chance to bring a friend, or come make new friends, and play some games. We have a variety of games and lego for students to play — strategy, board games, chess, cards, lego …. a well loved lunch hour by MS students.

Art Club is a chance for those in Grade 6 to 8 to use the Art Studio to practice their art skills in a more informal atmosphere and try a variety of art materials during lunch recess. This year we will also be having an opportunity to use their artistic abilities to work on the mural that will begin appearing in the hallway leading to the gym and I am also working with the City of Langley to get a bench or outdoor table which we will mosaic and donate back as a way of ‘giving back’ and beautifying the community in which we live. The plan is to have these installed in a city park where it will become “Public Art “.

Students and teachers who love running meet together once a week to stretch their legs and have some fun!

Students who love writing and are looking for a space to share ideas and grow in their writing capabilities are invited to join Writer’s Block!  They meet once a week.


Middle School Handbook

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