Middle School CAMP Day

Middle School CAMP Day

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We all know that this year hasn’t been like every other year. A lot of the extra fun things have had to be put on hold, like the Banana Relays, sports tournaments, ice skating, Camp Kawkawa, the waterslides, etc. As teachers, we know it’s important for our students to have something to look forward to and it’s important for us to be intentional about building community while having fun together  — to take a break from the regular programming and to let kids be kids, And that was exactly what we did on Thursday, April 29, with Middle School Camp Day.

We started out our day doing some planning as homeroom classes. Each class was a team and they prepared a team flag and team chant. Then all the classes gathered in a clock formation out on the field and each class took a turn performing their chant and waving their flag for their peers — it was an exciting and fun way to kick off our Camp Day!

The rest of the day, classes rotated through various activities. We had carnival games in the gym, a game called Sticks on the back field (similar to Capture the Flag), life sized battleship with water balloons, a myriad of lawn games: Spike Ball, Bocce Ball, Ladder Ball and FrisCup, and lastly, a rousing game of Camouflage in the front of the school. We enjoyed a hot dog lunch, the sun graced us with its presence and we finished the day off with a popsicle and smiles on our faces. 

After tabulating all the points from the day, the winning class from every grade was as follows ——— 6S, 7A and 8N. They will receive an ice cream treat this week!  But well done to every class as we had so many awesome attitudes and positive spirits. Bravo, Middle School!!