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Learning at LCS

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As we work towards the implementation of our K-12 Bible curriculum, our deep hope for the staff, students, and Langley Christian school community is that they would come to Know God, Love Others, and Live Purposefully in the world. 

To that end, our curriculum is designed as an invitation for our community to grow as learners around six attributes: Purposefully Disciplined, Faith-Informed Discernment, Grace-Filled Integrity, Hopeful & Thriving, Engaged and Faithful, and Servant Stewardship. 

As students progress in their LCS journey through their Bible classes, at the elementary school, the Bible curriculum is structured to build a foundation of knowing the Biblical stories, writing scripture upon our hearts, encouraging practices that help learners to navigate their Bibles, and understanding the wider redemptive narrative of God’s salvation plans. 

In the middle school, the curricular invitation is to have students learn about how to read the Bible closely. Our learners will discern God’s purpose for their lives, explore the Biblical ideas of wisdom, diversity, shalom, justice, servant leadership, and build relationships with God and others. Students engage in spiritual practices and unpack Biblical truths that have shaped Christian communities for hundreds of years.  

At the high school, students wrestle with and deepen their understanding of the Biblical stories,

grow in their relationship with God, unpack what it means to make faith-informed decisions in the world, and apply their learning by reflecting on how they can model their lives on the person of Jesus. Our students navigate some difficult but compelling conversations about identity, reconciliation, science, faith, diversity, culture, calling, worship, and participation in a Christian community. 

We want to be a community that helps students identify their passions, develops relationships with the living God, and has an impact on a changing world. 

While the learner attributes are designed as part of the framework in our K-12 Bible curriculum, they are also an important part of shaping our wider-curricular life and programming. 

It is our goal to see the learner attributes infused in our culture of learning and inform how we educate, inspire, and equip students in Christ-like discernment, to discover the gifts and to seek their calling so together we can transform lives and communities. 

A Thriving Christian Learning Community

Over the next several weeks, you will hear about some of the stories and experiences that have shaped our K-12 teaching staff as well as how they find themselves in the learner attributes. 

You’ll hear stories about how God has cultivated a life of learning and formation in the lives of these educators. You’ll hear examples of how teachers are starting to infuse the learner attributes into their teaching practice. Stories of how education is a partnership in God’s reconciliation, redemption, and restoration of the world. And you’ll hear about how our teachers are building formational learning experiences that invite students to grow in their relationship with God by asking questions, studying scripture closely, and becoming active members of our community. 

It is our desire to help our whole community grow as learners, to teach the faith, and form the faithful. 

In the weeks ahead, we would invite your partnership as we work together towards the formation of our learners and community; and as we seek to be a connecting, thriving, and equipping community, we invite you to take time to ask yourselves and your families the question: How am I called to grow in Christ-like discernment, as a learner, and as a member of the LCS community?