LCS Talks Season 3 Ep 3

LCS Talks Season 3 Ep 3

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Faith, Identity, and Christian Formation – Ordering our lives in such a way that leads us to thrive.

Welcome back to LCS Talks season 3, episode 3 where we are discussing how our community might think about the relationship between Faith, Identity, and Christian Formation. 

In this episode, we pick up on our discussions about Christian Formation with Dave McVety, Middle/High School Counselor and explore a vision of shepherding, soul-care, and faith-formation for this year. Join us as we hear about Dave’s God story, how we order our lives in such a way that we can be formed more like Christ, and listen deeply to God in our educational efforts.

Season 3 Focus:

Join us as we engage in a series of talks this fall to look specifically at our LCS learner attributes, share some of our professional learning and implementation with our K-12 Bible curriculum, and discuss how to teach in theologically diverse Christian learning communities.