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Ep. 4 | Faith, Identity, and Christian Formation (ft. John Roberto)

LifeLong Faith – A conversation with author, teacher, researcher, and ecumenical thinker, John Roberto 

In this episode, Berkley and Kevin chat with author, teacher, researcher, and ecumenical thinker, John Roberto. John is the author of a recent (2022) book, “LifeLong Faith: Formation for All Ages and Generations” and several other books on Christian formation. John has also founded several ministries and led projects on Faith Formation including the Center for Ministry Development in 1978 and LifeLong Faith Associates in 2006. 

His graduate work was in the areas of religious education and sociology and brings that lens into his work. John offers a view of eccumenical collaboration between different Christian denominations in learning communities. His work has inspired the focus for our podcast season on Faith, Identity, and Christian Formation. 

This conversation is filled with insights and practices for educational communities, families, leaders of faith formation in K-12 Christian education, and educational staff. 
Check out John Roberto’s website for free resources and ideas for how to encourage faith-formation in your families, churches, and teams: