The New Bible Curriculum is Now Live

The New Bible Curriculum is Now Live

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Members of our teaching and administrative staff have been working for the past year to develop a clearer, more robust K-12 Biblical Studies curriculum linked across all campuses. The work reflects a major goal of our strategic plan as it will help us to more clearly identify for current and new families, What is distinctive about an LCS education? 

Today is an exciting day in our LCS community and story as we share some of the draft work from our Re-envisioned K-12 Biblical Studies Curriculum. Our curriculum is framed around helping students Know God, Love Others, and Live Purposefully. To those ends, we have built our K-12 Bible curriculum around six attributes captured in our Learner Profile.  

On May 20th, we engaged with our K-12 community in a morning of learning. Staff reflected on the importance of being members of a worshiping and learning community. Over the coming months and years, our prayer is that this revised curriculum will be impactful in transforming lives in our community.

Tune into the LCS Talks Podcast Season 3 Episode 1 to hear from some of the key voices and stories that helped shape of the formation of our K-12 Biblical Studies curriculum, consultation, review, and what the team has learned so far throughout the process:

Our next step is to continue encouraging guidance for Christian teaching practices, which support the nurturing of our K-12 Learner Attributes. We plan to continue ensuring that we are being intentional in our teaching to offer learning experiences that are formative for our students’ lifelong faith development. 

We are calling this next year a soft-launch to help staff understand the curricular document, develop familiarity with the learner attributes, explore possibilities, build resources, and learn how to collaborate in the first year of the phased implementation plan: 

As we continue to grow as a Christian learning community committed to helping learners encounter the love of God in the relationships they build and the learning that they experience, we look forward to sharing more about our learning. 

With much gratitude to our K-12 Biblical Studies Review Team, in particular, key members, Karen Vlieg, Regan Davis, Amy Stromgren, Matt Grose, Hayden MacKinnon, Josh Withrow, Bruce Wergeland, and Adam Woelders, the internal and external consultants and reviewers, and the many voices who have helped shape this process. 

For some samples of our K-12 Biblical Studies curriculum, please visit our website at