International Student Registration

Complete Application Form and include the following documentation:

  1. Transcripts for the past 2 years of education officially translated into English (Upload)
  2. ITEP Slate Score or IELTS Test Report (Upload)
  3. Completed Pastoral Reference form
  4. Picture Page of Passport (Upload)
  5. Copy of most recent Study Permit (if available)
  6. Copy of Custodian Declaration Form (if available)
  7. $400.00 Registration Fee

Upon Receipt of an application, Langley Christian School will contact the applicant and arrange a time and date for an interview with the applicant and his/her parent or parents. Interviews will be arranged with those applicants who meet the requirements of the International Student Program and are eligible for placement within the program.  Applicants will be notified whether or not they have been accepted within 3-5 business days.  Within two weeks of acceptance all applicable fees with will be required before an Official Letter of Acceptance will be issued.


International Student Tuition Rates

Admissions Policy

Langley Christian School provides enrolment opportunities to families with children who are in need of ELL. The school will consider International students if they have a local home environment that understands and is supportive of the school’s program.

The school determines the number of ELL hours of instruction the student may need. ELL students need to meet the academic goals of Grade 10 before entry into Grades 11 and 12.

Students must live with parents or a parent before Grade 8. The school reserves the right to determine the family with whom the student will stay. If a student is not living with a parent/parents, the student will be placed in a school approved homestay. Only those Host families who support the mission and vision of LCS will be selected.



For more information on the International Program of Langley Christian School, please contact:

International Student Coordinator
Marlene Bylenga

Phone: +1 (604)994.0158

22702 48th Avenue
Langley, BC [Map]
Canada V2Z 2T6