Board Business Wrap Up 2021-2022

Board Business Wrap Up 2021-2022

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We want to express our sincere appreciation for the service and dedication of two Board Directors ending their last term this June. Leanne DeWitt and Danielle Stevenson have faithfully served LCS for the past 6 years and have been instrumental voices as student advocates and representatives who consistently sought to listen and hear from parents in the community and ensure their perspectives were captured in strategic initiatives guiding the school. Leanne and Danielle served during the Growth and Development process which ultimately led to our new Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and the new, three-phase campus-wide development plan.

At the May Society Meeting the membership ratified our new Constitution & Bylaws. Members and non-members of the society are encouraged to be familiar with the New Constitution & Bylaws which describe the legal purposes of our non-profit organization and outline how we conduct our business. More specific details about the working out of things like admissions policy, dispute resolution and society membership are outlined in policy, not in the bylaws. See our Policies & Procedures page to learn more about how we operate.

The meeting was also the official public launch of our revised K-12 Bible Curriculum. We hope that parents and other stakeholders will find this collection of curricula and instructional guidelines useful in understanding what makes us distinct as a Christian school.

Finally, we were thrilled to affirm the election of three new Board Directors who will begin their terms in the coming fall: Matt Putra, Melanie Folstad and Han Shu. Each of these individuals are highly engaged parents who love LCS and bring considerable talents, experience and expertise. Matt and Melanie are both LCS alumni who are continuing the tradition of LCS being a multi-generational home to families seeking the very best in education for their children.