Why LCS?

LCS Mission

Our mission is to educate students, equipping them to discover their gifts, develop Christ-like discernment, and seek their life’s calling.

LCS Vision

Foundational to all teaching and learning at Langley Christian School is the view that all aspects of life fall under the Lordship of Christ. Therefore, to achieve its mission, LCS relies on God’s word as revealed in Creation and Scripture and strives to:

  • Integrate faith with learning;
  • Provide a quality educational program;
  • Create a challenging and affirming learning environment;
  • Free students to explore and examine all human endeavour within God’s creation;
  • Educate all aspects of the child (spiritual, emotional, physical, social, aesthetic, intellectual);
  • Promote and model social justice and stewardship;
  • Empower students to become agents of positive change in the community.

Why send your kids to Langley Christian School?

Within reasonable distance from Langley are a number of great public and independent schools offering parents a rich variety of programs from Fine Arts to International Baccalaureate. With so much choice available, why would parents send their children to Langley Christian School?

  • Care; We love kids! Teachers are chosen to teach here on the basis of their ability to relate to and care for children. Student safety and well-being are fundamental to our program. Each child is uniquely gifted and we provide opportunities to grow their gifts and share them with others. Our deep hope is that all the kids fall in love with Jesus.
  • Curriculum; We teach the BC Ministry of Education program from a Christian perspective. Using a framework called “Teaching for Transformation” our teachers provide an educational program that emphasizes core competencies based on Biblical values and authentic learning experiences.
  • Community; LCS, made up of students, Christian parents and teachers from a wide variety of Christian churches, is committed to build a Christian Community; one that is characterized by mutual respect, encouragement, integrity and forgiveness.
  • Competence; LCS Teachers are fully certified by the Ministry of Education, and, in addition, must complete a teacher-training program from a Christian university. Each staff member is expected to demonstrate life-long learning and participate in regular professional development.