Vision & Values

LCS Mission

Our mission is to educate students, equipping them to discover their gifts, develop Christ-like discernment, and seek their life’s calling.

LCS Vision

Foundational to all teaching and learning at Langley Christian School is the view that all aspects of life fall under the Lordship of Christ. Therefore, to achieve its mission, LCS relies on God’s word as revealed in Creation and Scripture and strives to:

  • Integrate faith with learning;
  • Provide a quality educational program;
  • Create a challenging and affirming learning environment;
  • Free students to explore and examine all human endeavour within God’s creation;
  • Educate all aspects of the child (spiritual, emotional, physical, social, aesthetic, intellectual);
  • Promote and model social justice and stewardship;
  • Empower students to become agents of positive change in the community.