LCS Governance

Langley Christian School is run by the LCS Society´s Board of Directors. All members of the LCS Society in good standing are eligible to serve on the Board. Nominations are received in the Spring and are voted on at the Annual General Meeting in May.   The term of service for Directors is generally three years.
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We have much to be thankful for at Langley Christian School. To date, LCS is one of the largest Christian Schools in BC operating two campuses with an enrolment of over 1,000 students.

Looking back, LCS has seen many changes over the years; the task of re-tooling and fine-tuning is never done. If we are serious, however, about our call to provide Christian education than we are also committed to on-going evaluation and review as well as future thinking. We must be always be asking ourselves, given all that God has blessed us with, how we might do things better and/or differently so that the education offered at LCS remains true to its mission and vision and faithful to God and his redemptive work in this world. To that end, the Board has been devoting more time at monthly meetings discussing and thinking about strategic initiatives.

We believe that the Board must play a significant role in planning for the future of LCS. The Board, along with the LCS Superintendent, has begun a process of developing a strategic plan that will ensure that LCS continues to provide relevant and distinctive Christian education not only in today’s world, but in a world that few of us can imagine.

Without God’s faithfulness and your commitment to the school’s existence, LCS would not have a 55 year legacy of providing Christian education in the greater Langley area. The Board celebrates what God has done through LCS and looks forward to God’s favour as we anticipate our development over the next several years.


The Superintendent is responsible for day-to-day operations of the school.

Educational Administration

  • Principals & Assistant Principals
  • Campus Educational Forums

Business & Development Administration

  • Business Administrator
  • Director of Development


The LCS Board has established forums whose terms of reference require them to focus on various aspects of the school. As the Board’s representative, the Superintendent is a member of each forum. The Superintendent ensures that LCS policy is developed and implemented in each forum and reports forum activities, goals and decisions to the Board.

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Educational Leadership Forum

  • Deals with educational policies, programs, curriculum and discipline
  • Supervises ongoing educational affairs of the school as a whole
  • Provides Professional Development opportunities for the educational staff
  • Enforces and develops educational policy

Each campus principal and their assistant principals meet regularly with a campus specific educational forum responsible for:

  • Providing input for the campus principal on the educational program
  • Hiring educational personnel under the direction of the campus principal
  • Engaging in strategic planning for that campus

Finance Forum

Provides input, advice and planning for fiscal operations, specifically;

  • For current and multi-year budgets
  • Enforces and recommends fiscal policy

Employee Relations Forum

Provides input, advice and planning within the realm of human resources at Langley Christian School

  • Recommends salary grid annually
  • Oversees contractual requirements
  • Liaises with staff
  • Enforces and recommends Human Resources policy

Building and Grounds Forum

Provides input, advice, planning and implementation within the realm of maintenance and capital projects of facilities at LCS

Board Development Forum

Provides direction for the LCS Board of Trustees in terms of:

  • Recommending Board and Chair succession
  • Learning opportunities for Trustees
  • Auditing Board initiatives and goals

Strategic Planning Forum

  • Gathers data from surveys and demographic projections
  • Initiates Board discussion on possible future developments and projects