Our LCS Community


Langley Christian School is a community that seeks to serve Jesus Christ.  Our Community Standards document, signed by each parent and staff member, outlines the main principles of the LCS community.  Those principles are  based on scriptural norms, and guide us in terms of how we should live in community together.

Although we share a common belief in Jesus Christ, we celebrate denominational diversity within the community.  Our 500 families and 120 staff members each attend one of 100 Christian churches in the Fraser Valley, some denominational and some independent.

Educational staff are key members of the LCS community.  The school places a high value on quality, relational instruction.  All of our teachers are certified through the BC Ministry of Education and educational support staff have all completed a Provincially accredited program to work with students who required additional assistance.  Teachers must all complete a program of studies focused on pedagogy and curriculum development from a Christian perspective.

One of Langley Christian School’s core values is: “Christian community, which is cultivated by; mutual respect, encouragement, compassion, integrity, responsibility, courage, and forgiveness.”  We build community by a common commitment to have positive relationships among teachers, students, support staff and parents.