We look forward to seeing you in September! Below is useful information for parents and students to help you prepare for the upcoming school year.

*Please Note: Our Middle School and High School Athletic Directors have decided to pre-order a large quanity of LCS gym shorts and shirts.  These items will be available for purchase the first few weeks of school*

MS Welcome Back Letter
2016-2017 Combined Calendar
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LCS K-12 Student and Parent Handbook 
2016-2017 Middle School Program Guide

School Hours

School begins at 8:40 a.m. and ends at 2:55 p.m.  There is a recess break from 10:32-10:51 a.m. and a lunch break from 12:23 to 1:10 p.m.  The school day consists of six 45-minute periods as well as homeroom times at the beginning and end of each day.

Arrival and Dismissal

Middle School students may enter the building as soon as they arrive at school.  Students must stay in the Middle School wing until the school day begins.  They are expected to be in their homeroom class prepared for instruction by 8:40 a.m. (A warning bell will ring at 8:35 a.m.)  The homeroom teacher will take attendance at 8:40 a.m.  Students are dismissed at 2:55 p.m.



Late Arrival  

Students who are not in their homeroom by 8:40 a.m. are considered to be late and must immediately report to the office where they will be issued a late slip.  Students who are late must be excused by a parent (phone call or note to the office) or they will be given a recess detention.  Students have a few minutes between classes to gather needed materials from their locker and/or classroom.  If Middle School students are late to a class during the day they will also be given a detention. 



If a student will be absent for the day, the office is to be informed by the parent between 8:00 and 8:45 a.m.  Parents may inform the school either by a telephone call or a signed note.  The home will be contacted if no communication has been received regarding a student’s absence by 8:45 a.m.



Parents or emergency contacts will be informed if a student becomes ill during the school day.  Parents or guardians must sign out their child at the main office before leaving the school. 


Pre-planned and Excused Absences

Parents must send a letter to the school office and principal to inform the school of absence longer than two days.  Parents are responsible for discussing with the teachers how missed tests and assignments will be completed in the event of a pre-planned absence.  In the case of an extended absence due to a family holiday, teachers are not required to have work available in advance.  Students who miss more than 20 days of the school year may not eligible for the full student grant given by the government to LCS each year.  If this is the case, parents will be charged for this amount. 



Parents are encouraged to arrange medical, dental, and other appointments outside school hours.  If a student must leave during the school day, a note or phone call must be given to the office at the beginning of the day so that the office can inform teachers of that child’s absence.  It is essential that parents sign out Middle School students at the office when they leave and sign in their son/daughter upon returning to the school.

Middle School students may not leave the school grounds at any time during the school day without teacher or parent permission and supervision.

Edmodo is used in all middle school classes.

It is a safe environment that teachers use to engage students in continued learning online. Students have a secure and familiar environment to collaborate with peers, stay organized with school work, learn to communicate online, access school work and store documents and access resources. Teachers can post marks or give a quick poll to evaluate student understanding. Parents can see their child's progress and check on work that needs to be done during the school year. Every class is given a secure code to gain access to Edmodo.


The library is open to all students every school day from 8:30am to 3:30 pm.  The library staff is available to assist students with anything related to library use. In order to maintain a clean and pleasant atmosphere, we ask everyone not to take food or drink into the library. Our library offers students access to over 15 000 volumes. Students may borrow up to 5 regular collection resources for a 3 week period. Although students are not fined for overdue books, a replacement cost will be charged for lost or damaged items.  All library business must be cleared up at the end of each term.  Each homeroom is scheduled to visit the library once a week with the focus being on library skills and literacy. Students that leave textbooks and library books lying on the floors in the classroom or hallways will have them returned to the Library and a $2 re-checkout fee will be assessed.



Hallway Conduct

Students are expected to be respectful and courteous in the hallway at all times.  When using the hallway during school hours, students are to be mindful of classes that are in session by speaking softly and moving quietly.  Middle School students may not be in the High School hallways during the school day unless they are going to the gym, french room, library, band room, or art room. During recess and lunch we ask students to leave the hallways within three minutes of the bell to go outside and play. Please do not come back inside to use the washroom without supervising staffs permission. An afterschool detention will be given to students found loitering in the hallways or sneaking in.


Lunches & Snacks

Middle School students are required to eat their lunches in their homeroom classrooms. Pop cans, and other recyclablecontainers must be placed in classroom recycling bins. Spilt food and drinks must be cleaned up immediately.



Each student will be assigned a locker at the beginning of the school year.  Grade 6 and 7 students will be assigned to a ½ size locker; Grade 8 students will be assigned to a full locker.  Students are required to use an official school combination lock that has a pass key access on the back. The school will issue the student with such a lock. The school requests that students do not share their combination code with any other student. The Middle School homeroom teachers will record their students’ combination codes in case homework needs to be retrieved for absent students.

Lockers must be kept clean at all times; regular locker checks will be held by teachers so that students can organize their lockers. Students may post appropriate pictures and photos in their lockers but are requested not to put stickers inside or outside of their locker.  Students are responsible for the condition of their locker and will be expected to pay for any damage.


Playground Safety

In order to ensure the safety of all the students, the following procedures will be strictly observed:

Students must be outside during recess breaks so that they can be supervised by a staff member.  Indoor rainy day recesses will be announced as necessary before each break.

Middle School students may not be at the front of the school or on the west side of the school (the High School) during recess or lunch breaks.

Skateboards, and scooters are allowed only in designated areas.  Students must wear helmets while participating in these activities.

Bikes must be parked on the east end of the school.  Bikes may not be ridden on the school grounds during school hours.



All adult visitors are expected to sign-in at the office and obtain a visitor identification tag.  Students from other schools may not visit LCS students during the day at the school.

Safety Drills

A number of fire drills will be held each year.  Whenever the fire alarm rings, everybody in the building must leave using the designated exit and meet in the assigned areas.  Each classroom has a map posted near the door showing the exit route for leaving the building and the designated area to assemble.  No one may re-enter the building until the all-clear signal is given.  

Procedures to follow in the event of an earthquake will be explained and practiced in each class.  In the event of an earthquake, students must follow the procedures and/or instruction given by the teacher.  Students will remain calm and leave the building in an orderly fashion when given instructions to do so. Students will follow the procedures and/or instructions given by the teacher in the event of a lock down or lock down drill.