At LCMS we work hard to foster a community that has the following core values at its foundation. LCMS is built on: Faith, Relationships, Meaningful Learning, Excellence, Parent Partnership, Student Leadership, Exploration, Service, and Teaming.



Our community includes these characteristics:

  • educators who value working with middle school aged students,
  • collaborative and courageous leadership,
  • a shared vision that guides decisions,
  • an inviting, supportive, and safe environment,
  • high expectations for every member of the learning community,
  • students and teachers that are engaged in active learning,
  • committed to the development of good digital citizenship for all students,
  • school initiated family and community partnerships.


Our community provides:

  • curriculum that is Christ centered, relevant, challenging, and exploratory,
  • multiple learning and teaching approaches,
  • authentic assessment that promotes quality learning,
  • organizational structures that support meaningful relationships and learning,
  • school wide efforts and policies that foster Christ like living, joyful service,
  • development of discerning disciples of Jesus Christ.