LCS Foundation

The LCS Foundation

The LCS foundation is the vehicle through which LCS handles bequests and donations for the provisioning of tuition assistance for those families in need, scholarships for graduating students, and major capital expenditures.

The foundation is incorporated under the BC Societies Act. The objectives of the are as follows:

• To establish and maintain Endowment Funds for the benefit of Langley ChristianSchool.
• To provide prizes, bursaries, fellowships, scholarships or otherwise for the benefit of students graduating from Langley Christian School.
• To provide for major capital expenditures for Langley Christian School.

The foundation is not be simply another fundraiser, but rather a ministry based on the biblical principles of stewardship: You can’t take it with you but you can send it on ahead.

Following Christ’s mandate of biblical stewardship, the LCS foundation provides opportunities for the greater LCS Community to “become wise and faithful stewards”. In doing so, the foundation’s work will also further enhance our LCS community values, especially that of building Christian community.

LCS Foundation Policies & Guidelines

LCS Foundation Investment Policy

Christian Stewardship Services (CSS) has partnered with Langley Christian School to promote Biblical Stewardship through planned giving and education.  CSS provides advice on wills and estate planning and a wide range of gift distribution options to multiple charities.  Dave Broughton is the regional representative willing to meet you in the convenience of your home or office.  CSS gives confidential, third party, impartial, and objective advice.  CSS brings over 30 years of experience in helping Christians with their estate and gift planning.

Christian Stewardship Services Annual Report