K-12 Admissions


Choosing an education for your child is a big decision; in a world of clashing values these decisions become even more significant.

Langley Christian School is passionate about to serving Christian parents who recognize the importance of encouraging the development of Scriptural values in their children’s hearts and minds. We believe a strong partnership between church, home and school will help establish a deep rooted foundation for our students to build upon.

A pastoral reference from a Christian church is a required component of our registration package.  This is used to verify a parent’s commitment for continual growth in his or her Christian journey and to begin the church, home and school partnership.

If you have questions about the registration process, please contact our Development Office at 604-533-2118 or send us an email at development@langleychristian.com


Langley Christian School accepts Registration Packages for preschool through grade twelve two years prior to enrolment.  Currently, we are accepting registrations for September 2018 and September 2019.  

Registration packages can be picked up at the LCS Central Office which is located in “The Fort” – directly behind the Elementary School building. Please park in the main Elementary lot and walk down the left side of the building to “The Fort.”  

We want to make registration as easy as possible, below are packages that can be downloaded and printed at home, or, filled out online and submitted electronically.

Next Steps

Once your completed registration has been received, you will receive an email from the LCS Development Office outlining the next steps in the registration process. Admissions interviews are typically held in the spring of the year a family wishes to join LCS. Interviews are for parents only and most often occur with the campus Principal of the grade of the oldest child.

The decision to accept a student are based on several factors, including; the school’s ability to meet a student’s need, classroom capacity and specialized program capacity. In the event of a wait list situation, families will be contacted by the Director of Development.

LCS Admissions Policies

LCS Admissions Policy 2016 (PDF)
LCS Admissions Waiting List Policy 2016 (PDF)
Educational Support Services Policy 2016 (PDF)

Kindergarten children must reach the age of 5 years on or before December 31st to be admitted. Where possible, children should attend Kindergarten as it is a good basis for Grade One.

LCS Alumni – SAVE $200
Registration now open for 2018 & 2019

Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve Registration

The following items must be received by the Development Office for the registration to be considered complete:

Family Registration Form (Online)
Student Profile Gr 1 – 12 (Online)
Kindergarten Profile (Online)
Legal Residency Form (Online)
LCS Pastoral Reference Request (Online)

LCS Family Registration Form (PDF)
Legal Residency Form (PDF)
LCS Student Grade 1 to 12 Profile (PDF)
LCS Kindergarten Profile (PDF)
Pastoral Reference Form (PDF)
Anaphylactic Student Emergency Plan Form (PDF)

Copy of most recent Report Card for each school age child
Copy of Birth Certificate for each child

When indicated on the Student Profile or Kindergarten Profile, the Educational Support Services Form must be filled out and submitted along with the other registration forms.

$200 Registration Fee
This will be processed with the registration package
$500 Capital Assessment Fee
Posted dated cheque for April of the preferred year of enrolment, this will be processed after the admissions interview.

PLEASE NOTE: All items must be completed in order for the registration to be considered complete. A Student Profile Application Form must be completed for each child.