High School

Langley Christian High School is a remarkable community in which teachers, parents, and students journey together, discovering God’s creation and our place in this world.  We learn about the Lord’s purpose for our lives, and how we can live for Him.

Learning Journey

We aren’t seeking simply well educated students who try to live moral lives. We desire graduates who are truly different. People who are peculiar. People who see and respond to the world differently. People who see God’s handiwork all around them and desire to accomplish His purposes. Ultimately, we want our students to have an education that is transformational. Teaching for Transformation is at the heart of our learning and teaching. Our students are learning to meet REAL needs for REAL people in front of a REAL audience. Our teachers are inviting, empowering, and nurturing our students to be Beauty Creators, Community Builders, God Worshippers, Order Discoverers, Servant Workers, Justice Seekers, Earth Keepers, Idolatry Discerners, Image Reflectors, Sabbath Embracers, and Creation Enjoyers.

Highlighted LCS High School Programs

Our High School community gathers weekly to celebrate God’s goodness and reinforce our communal values, including our common belief that Jesus is Lord over all of creation and over every part of Langley Christian School.  Our worship is Upward – directed toward God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Inward – reminding us of our identity in Christ and how He changes us from the inside out; and Outward –  using our spiritual gifts to extend toward others within and beyond our community.   Through guest speakers, and staff and students sharing, we seek to address topics and themes that reveal Jesus Christ and are relevant to our students.

We invite students from grades 9-12 to be involved in leadership!  Students serve and lead worship within our community in many ways: by helping plan chapels, by singing or playing instruments, by leading prayer and liturgy, by helping with technical and practical needs.  This can be regularly or occasionally; equipping and coaching is provided. Please connect with the HS Chapel Coordinator (Mrs McCarthy) for more information on how to be involved.

HS Chapels are usually on Friday mornings at 9:15; we invite you join us!

We are excited to welcome Rod Augstin to our LCS team!  He is heading up our Discovery Trades Program, teaching Woodworking, Auto, and Power Technology.  In addition, he is overseeing our Youth Work in Trades and Work Experience programs. Watch for a lot of great things happening in the shop this year!

We are excited to welcome John VanWeelden to our LCS team!  He will be continuing the development of our Computer and Robotics program.  We are also looking forward to getting our Makerspace up and running this year. We will have our six 3D printers, TROTEC Laser Cutter, vinyl cutter and t-shirt press, electronics and robotics all in one place.  Student creativity can abound!

We are excited to welcome Nicola Heidebrecht to our LCS team!  She will be teaching Spanish at the high school as well as Grade 6 French in Middle School.  She is a talented, multi-lingual woman!

Our Band and Choir program is growing under the direction of Matt Tressel.  We are excited to see a LCS alumnus return home and do such a great job teaching music.  Our drama department, under the direction of Deb Jarvis, continues to impress us each year.  Make sure to buy your tickets early for the HS play in April. We are pleased to have Briel Walters teaching art here at LCS.  Keep your eyes open for student work, and don’t forget to look up when you come into the school. Our student-painted ceiling tile collection is quite impressive!

There are several new faces in our Biblical Studies Department.  Josh Withrow and Julia Eckert have joined the team! They will be teaching Bible 10 and 11 with Bruce Wergeland teaching Bible 9 and 12.  They will also be providing assistance on our Chapel team.

With the implementation of the new English curriculum, there have been a lot of changes in our English Department.  These changes mean that students now have more choice. We are offering classes in Spoken Language, New Media, Composition, Creative Writing and Literature.

We have recently introduced two new courses at the high school – Genocide Studies 12 and Psychology 11 –  and we have renewed many existing courses, adjusting them to fulfill the requirments of the new BC curriculum.  As we make changes, we are committed to continual improvement. We are striving to keep classes rich and engaging for all of our students.



High School Handbook

May 2021

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