High School

Langley Christian High School is a remarkable community in which teachers, parents, and students are on a journey together. Our journey takes us to places where we discover many new things about the world and we learn what our place in this world is. We learn about the Lord’s purpose for our lives and how we can live purposefully for Him.


We aren’t seeking simply well educated students who try to live moral lives, we desire graduates who are truly different – who are peculiar. People who see and respond to the world differently. People who see God’s handiwork all around them and desire to accomplish His purposes. Ultimately we want teaching and education that is transformational. Teaching for Transformation is at the heart of our learning and teaching. Our students are learning to meet a REAL need for REAL people in front of a REAL audience. Our teachers are inviting, empowering, and nurturing our students to be Beauty Creators, Community Builders, God Worshippers, Order Discoverers, Servant Workers, Justice Seekers, Earth Keepers, Idolatry Discerners, Image Reflectors and Creation Enjoyers. 

High School Program Guide 2018-2019

Additional LCS High School Programs

Chapel in our High School carries on a long tradition of meeting together weekly to celebrate God’s goodness and reinforce our communal values.  We celebrate our common belief that Jesus is Lord over all of creation and over every part of Langley Christian School. All of our chapels include some aspect of worship.  Students are encouraged to participate in worship teams, leading in singing, playing, prayer and liturgy.  All students who attend chapels participate in worship by singing and active listening.

Service is a key component of our mission and core values. A definition of service that we promote is being open to the Holy Spirit nudging us to help others. All of us must have our eyes wide open to the needs of those within our own school community, our local community, our country, and our world.

Langley Christian School Principal | Kevin Visscher

Kevin Visscher is the Langley Christian High School principal. He loves working with teenagers and finds joy in working with young people and staff to uncover God’s truth through His creation. He has been an educator in Christian schools for over 20 years.

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