Below is useful information for parents and students:

Welcome Back to School Letter for HS Parents & Students
2016-2017 HS Student Supply and Fee Sheet
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LCS K-12 Student and Parent Handbook

Langley Christian High School: Parent Consent Form

Arrival and Dismissal

On regular bell schedule days, students are expected to be in their first period class prepared for instruction by 8:40 am. A warning bell will ring at 8:35 am. On late start Friday mornings, the warning bell will ring at 9:10 and chapel will begin at 9:15.  At this time attendance will be taken by the teacher and submitted to the office. Students are dismissed at 2:55 pm. 

Late Arrival


Students who are not in their first period class on time are considered to be late and are expected to report to the office where they will be issued a late slip. The school secretary will record whether or not the tardiness is excused or unexcused.

Students will be given five minutes between classes. A daily record will be kept of students who arrive late to class. This record will be submitted to the office at the end of each school day. The home will be contacted when students have been late six times.

Students who are late for classes will serve a noon hour detention. Students serving detentions should be in the detention room by 11:34 am, and bring study materials with them. They are expected to work quietly till they are dismissed at 12:03 pm. If a student has served mutiple noon hour detentions, the home will be contacted, and future detentions will be served after school.


If a student will be absent, the office is to be informed by the parent between 8:00 and 8:45 a.m. Parents may inform the school either by a telephone call or a signed note. The home will be contacted if no communication has been made.  Parents are asked to excuse their child only for absences and lates which are outside of their control, (e.g. illness, bereavement).  They are asked not to excuse their child for absences and lates which could have been avoided (e.g. sleeping in), so that normal school consequences can do the work of discouraging repeated incidents.  For students who have been repeatedly absent for quizzes or tests, permission to miss yet another test may be required from the subject teacher and the assistant principal.

Unexcused Absences 

Students will be required to make up the time lost after school and the home will be informed. Missed assignments will need to be completed or the teacher may assign a zero. After multiple unexcused absences the student and his/her parents will meet with the assistant principal, and a probationary period may be assigned.

Pre-planned and Excused Absences 

We encourage families as much as possible not to schedule holidays during school time.  When preplanned absences are unavoidable, parents are responsible for discussing with the teachers how missed tests and assignments will be completed.  In the case of an extended absence due to a family holiday, teachers are not required to have work available in advance.

Leaving the School Grounds During School Hours

Parents are encouraged to arrange medical, dental, and other appointments outside school hours. If for some reason a student must leave during the school day, a note must be provided or the office contacted by the home beforehand. It is essential that students sign-out at the office when they leave and sign-in upon returning to the school.

Students in grade 9 and 10 may not leave the school grounds during lunch break. Students in grades 11 and 12 may leave the school grounds during the lunch break. Students who drive their own vehicle to and from school may use their vehicle during the lunch break. This is a privilege which may be taken away in the event of unsafe driving. In compliance with provincial law, students may have no more than one passenger unless passengers are family members.

Homework and Grades

Highschool students and parents will receive a login from the highschool office to view homework and grades during the school year. Click on the link below to login to MyEd:



Hallway Conduct

Students are expected to be respectful and courteous in the hallway at all times. When using the hallway during school hours, students are to be mindful of classes that are in session by speaking softly and moving quietly.



Students may eat their lunches in the halls, upper lobby or student lounge. Garbage, pop cans, etc. are to be placed in the appropriate bins. Spilt food and drinks must be cleaned up immediately.


Each student will be assigned a locker at the beginning of the school year. Students are expected to purchase and use a lock from the school. Lockers must be kept clean and locked at all times. Periodic locker checks will be held by the staff.  Students are responsible for the condition of their locker. Students will be expected to pay for any damage.


The office telephone is designated for school business and emergencies only.


All visitors are expected to sign-in at the office and obtain a visitor identification tag (adult) or a visitor pass (student). Students from other schools must have prior approval from the administration to visit during school hours.

Parking Lot Safety

In order to ensure the safety of all the people using the parking facility the following procedures will be strictly observed:

  • Cars may not travel in excess of 10 km/hr on the lot.

  • Students who drive are expected to park in the area adjacent to the entrance, facing the road.

  • Rollerblading and skateboarding are allowed during breaks in the designated areas.

  • Bikes will be parked on the west end of the school. They may not be ridden on the school grounds during school hours.

  • Please do not leave bikes or cars at the school overnight.  Their safety cannot be assured.
  • The driveway must remain clear at all times.

Fire Drills

A number of fire drills will be held each year. Whenever the fire alarm rings, everybody in the building must leave using the designated exit and meet in the assigned areas. Each classroom has a map posted near the door showing the exit route for leaving the building and the designated area to assemble. No one may re-enter the building until the all-clear signal is given.

Earthquake Drills

Procedures to follow in the event of an earthquake will be explained and practiced in each class. In the event of an earthquake, students must follow the procedures and/or instruction given by the teacher. Students will remain calm and leave the building in an orderly fashion when given instructions to do so.