LCS Annual Fund 2017

Equipping Students, Transforming Lives

In 2016, through the generous contributions to the Annual Fund, LCS was able to:
1.  Replace all of the computers in the High School Computer Lab
2. Purchase devices for students at each campus
3. Purchase a 3D printer
4. Bring a fibre-optics connection into the school, improving WIFI access for students in both campuses.
Thank you so much for enhancing the learning experiences of students through these means.

As you know, we have been very intentional about providing all of our students with purposeful, foundational learning experiences to give them opportunity to learn things “hands on” in the classroom and off-campus.  We have had a challenge in providing both the materials for maker-spaces and all of the off-campus activities we would like to include to give the students these important experiences.  An area of particular focus now is allowing students to learn coding at all levels and robotics in the Middle and High program.

As in previous years, your contribution to the 2017 LCS Annual Fund will be used to enhance our learning program and we are excited about the possibilities.  Please partner with us in this venture.

We celebrate God’s faithfulness as He continues to move in the hearts of our community to support the mission and vision of Langley Christian School in many ways.  We are thankful that Christ never ceases to shape every aspect of our lives to His purpose and consider it a tremendous gift from God to partner with you in the task of shaping of young lives, assisting them as they grow into creative, Spirit-filled men and women.

As a school community we continue to work diligently to fully achieve our mandate of Equipping Students, Transforming Lives. Our goal is to develop longstanding relationships with parents, grandparents, alumni and alumni parents who believe in Christian education.

Langley Christian School has been blessed with over 60 years of parents who have given of their time and talents to make this school what it is today. We are looking for giving partners to stand with us as we continue to go and grow as God leads us.

There are a variety of ways to financially support Langley Christian School; we hope that you will prayerfully consider your individual response and support LCS’s financial goals.

We are a community that is dependent on our Heavenly Father. We cannot do it without Him. Langley Christian was built and will continue to prosper, fulfilling its mission and vision, through God’s grace alone. We look forward with a spirit of expectancy, trusting God to continue His good work in us. Please join us in praying for Langley Christian School regularly at home.