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Join us at the elementary campus and you will experience a vibrant learning community, full of enthusiasm and energy!  Stop in at one of our classrooms and you will meet our happy, smiling, friendly and encouraging students. You will witness them deeply engaged in an invitational, nurturing and empowering learning process that involves planned learning experiences that have been developed through a framework that is grounded in a transformational worldview with a focus on seeing themselves as an integral part of God’s overarching story for His people.

Learning activities are rich in hands-on, investigative experiences that honour and celebrate a child’s natural curiosity and love for learning. These foster a student’s full development: intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, physical, social and spiritual. Instructional strategies include individual, small and whole group instruction, differentiated assignments, meaningful activities, centre-based projects, practical tasks and formational learning experiences. Our elementary students are provided rich academic learning activities, physical fitness and healthy living experiences, French language learning, explorations in the arts, and foundational Biblical instruction.


Chapels are normally held on Monday mornings between 8:50 and 9:30 am throughout the school year. Generally these chapels include singing and a short devotional and are led by individual classes. Parents are always welcome to join the staff and students.

Certain chapels may also occasionally occur on different days and times. You will be informed of these special times through the elementary reader board, the LCS On The Go app, and the Elementary News.

Meet our LCS Elementary Principal

John van der Leek is the Langley Christian Elementary School principal. Leading and serving an amazing community of students, parents, and staff is both a privilege and a joy for him. He enjoys endurance sports, reading, and spending time with his family. John has been an educator in Christian schools for over 25 years.

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LCS K-12 Student and Parent Handbook (2018)

PARENT FORMS (4 Forms total)

LCS Elementary Volunteer Driver Application Form (Annually)

2. DRIVER’S ABSTRACT: (Annually)
• Phone ICBC at 604.661.2800 or go to ICBC website at: ICBC Driver’s Abstract.
• Click on green button and complete requested info.
• Submit to the LCES office at elem@langleychristian.com

LCS Elementary Volunteer Application Form (One time only)

4. RCMP CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK: (Valid for 5 years from date of issue)
Please take the following letter to any RCMP office along with two pieces of ID: RCMP Criminal Record Check
Generally, it takes less than 10 minutes to have the check completed. Please return the completed CR check to the LCES office.



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