We look forward to seeing you in September! Below is some useful information to help you prepare for returning to school.

Included in the parent info link is a supply list, parking lot pointers, bell schedule, first day schedule, important dates and allergy information. 

Elementary Parent Information | August 2016

2016-2017 Combined Calendar


LCS K-12 Student and Parent Handbook

School Hours

8:40          School Begins
Grades K-5:

(9:10)        Friday Late Start       
10:20        Recess
10:35        Classes Restart
12:40        Lunch Break
1:25          Classes Restart
3:00          Dismissal

Lunch Hour

Students remain in their classrooms to eat their lunch.  The teacher will supervise his or her own classroom during this time.  After eating lunch all students go outside, except those who have special permission.

Before and After School

In the morning, we ask that all students and parents stay outside the building until the bell rings at 8:35 (9:05 late start Fridays).

If a parent needs to speak to a teacher before school, his/her elementary children should remain outside and not enter the school until all students enter. Parents wishing to accompany their children into the school should wait outside with their children until the bell rings. This ensures that all students are treated fairly and allows teachers the opportunity to get ready for their day.

Parents and students should use the designated parking lot cross walks. Students should not cross parking lots or the pick-up lanes unaccompanied by an adult. Those who walk to school should use the sidewalk. Students on bicycles must walk their bikes on school grounds, also using the sidewalks to enter and leave.

Bicycles must be parked in the bike racks. Bicycle locks are recommended.

Outside supervision begins at 8:20 am. (8:50 am for late start Fridays). Students should be dropped off between 8:20 and 8:35 (8:50 and 9:05 for late start Fridays) so that classes can begin promptly. Please note that we are unable to provide child care before this time. If it is necessary for students to be dropped off before 8:20 in the morning, these children will have to remain outside, unsupervised until supervision begins. If necessary, supervision will be provided for students on late start Fridays between 8:40 and 8:50 am.

A green dot on the front doors indicates that it is an ‘inside’ before school day. Students will enter the school after the bell has rung through the doors by which they usually enter the school.

Students are dismissed by 3:00 at the end of the school day.  Students must refrain from using any balls, sticks, bats or other sports equipment at the front of the school while they are waiting for their rides. They must also refrain from rough play. All rules are for safety reasons.

Students should be picked up by 3:20 pm. After that point, any students whose rides have not arrived will wait under the covered area at the front of the school. If an unforeseen incident occurs that prevents you from picking up your child(ren) by this time please notify the school as soon as possible.


Teachers are often unaware of the reasons for a child’s absence.  To prevent unnecessary absenteeism and to provide for special needs, parents are asked to keep the school informed. When there is advance notice, please send a note of explanation (eg. dental appointment).  In case of illness and/or lateness please call the school office between 8:15 and 8:45 am.

The secretary calls home when a student is absent and the school has not been notified. Students arriving late or leaving school early should always report to the school office to inform the secretary. These policies have been established for your child’s safety and welfare.  

Absence, especially when excessive, can severely harm the learning process of the child and can be disruptive to the class as well. Illness and serious family crisis should be the main reasons for absenteeism.

When students become ill at school, parents will be notified.  When parents cannot be reached by phone at home, we will try work numbers.  If that fails we will resort to the emergency contact phone numbers you have provided. Emergency numbers and information should be up-to-date and on file at the school.

Note: Absences from school for any reason other than medical do not qualify for government funding.  Please try to schedule family holidays within the school calendar guidelines so that class time is not lost. Punctuality and regular attendance is important. 

Lateness is disruptive to class devotions and routines.  Please have your child here for the 8:35 admission bell.

School Cancellation

Cancellation of classes due to inclement weather or emergency will be announced on radio CKNW (dial 980) between 7:00 and 8:00 am and posted on the school website at www.langleychristian.com.

Early closings for similar reasons will also be announced over the air. The school, however, must contact parents before students can be dismissed. Children will be kept in school if the parents cannot be reached.

Student Dress

Student dress and grooming should reflect a proper attitude towards

study at a Christian school. We consider it to be the Christian home’s responsibility to use good taste and judgment in what a child wears. We encourage clothes, which are sensible and appropriate for the weather or activity.

The following specific rules have been established:

  • Students are not to wear halter/ tank tops, midriff revealing T-shirts, muscle shirts or cut off shorts.
  • When wearing T-shirts, be aware of what transfers or slogans say or imply.
  • Outside footwear must be exchanged in the hall, for inside shoes (non-marking running shoes).
  • Hats may be worn to and from school and are advisable for outside wear on sunny days. Hats are not to be worn in the classrooms.
  • Students are not to wear flip flops to school due to safety concerns both in the classroom and on the playground.


It is a shared concern of the Transportation Committee, the Board, the staff, and the bus drivers that your child should travel in safety during his or her bus trips to and from school. In spite of all the training and control, one factor remains as a potential hazard to your child - the collective behaviour of the passengers.  Parents who have travelled any distance with boisterous children in the family car will quickly appreciate the distraction of forty or fifty children who are eager to dispense their youthful energy. Success in providing the safest bus ride for your child also depends on parents.  Please discuss with your child the information in this section and urge him or her to know and to follow the following bus-riding guidelines.

Bus Conduct

  • Remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion.
  • Refrain from talking to the bus driver except in the case of emergency.
  • Refrain from unnecessarily loud and boisterous talking while on the bus.
  • Keep arms, head and all objects (books, scarves, etc.) inside the bus at all times.
  • Fighting and horseplay on the bus are not allowed.
  • There is to be no throwing of any articles in or from the bus. Students will be held responsible for any damage to the bus or to the possessions of other passengers.
  • Seats may not be reserved, nor do students have the “right” to specific seats.
  • If a student intends to get off the bus at a stop other than his or her regular stop, the parent or guardian must send a written request to the driver.
  • No eating or drinking is permitted on the bus.  No litter should therefore be left on the bus
  • All cases of misbehaviour on school buses shall be reported by the driver to the principal or to one of the transportation committee members.
  • Misbehaviour may result in the suspension of the privilege of riding the school bus for a period of time.

Bussing matters or concerns should be shared with the school representative on the transportation committee. Please remember that the use of the bus is a privilege and not a right. Respect for others is expected.


Students should report all injuries to the teachers so that proper first aid care can be provided, insurance claims can be validated and future accidents can be prevented.

Leaving School Grounds

Students may not leave the school grounds, at recess or noon hour, unless special written permission has been granted.


We ask your cooperation in promoting safety - reminders can never occur often enough.  Infractions of safety rules - bus, playground, and bicycle – are dealt with severely by the assistant principal or principal.

Parking Lot Guidelines

To drop off or pick up your child use the driveway in front of the main office.  Please proceed to the designated pick-up and drop-off area before allowing children to either enter or leave your vehicle. Under no circumstances should the driver leave the vehicle in this drive through. Traffic here needs to keep flowing. If your child is not ready, please drive the loop again or park in the parking lot.

When students are dropped off they should move to the playground area at once. They are not to linger at the front of the building or wander through the parking lot.

Students picked up after school wait for their driver at the front of the school in the pick-up area.

Students will be allowed on the playground after school only if they have met their driver at the front of the school and have been accompanied to the playground and supervised directly by their driver.

Parents are reminded to use extreme caution driving on school grounds. 

The use of cell phones while driving is prohibited by law.

Discipline Policy

The purpose of Christian discipline, or discipleship, should be the development of a clear understanding on the part of a child as to what it means to live a life of obedient service to Jesus Christ. Langley Christian supports the following statement of purpose of discipline taken from “Walking with God in the Classroom”, by Dr. Harro VanBrummelen:

“The purpose of discipline is to disciple students in the Lord’s way.  It addresses the future, while punishment only looks back.  Discipline is an opportunity to redirect children: to strive against sin and to overcome weaknesses, to build inner peace and righteousness, to partake in the holiness of God.  Through discipline children must realize the grace of God.  Discipline may not be harsh retribution. It may not cause bitterness from perceived lack of grace and forgiveness.”

The following key points are important and vital to the development of a Christian discipline policy:

  • Discipline of children is inseparable from the process of Christian discipleship.
  • Discipline of children is based on respect for the dignity of the child as a creation of God.
  • Discipline of children always includes the commitment of involved families.
  • Discipline is sensitive to individual and family situations.


Discipline must be considered as a process consisting of the following stages:

  1. Preventive discipline consists of wise and clear explanations laid out by teachers and parents as to acceptable behaviour within the school.
  2. The teacher attempts to resolve a disciplinary situation with the student. Consequences may be imposed by the teacher.  Documentation and advising the parent may take place.
  3. If the teacher is unable to resolve the matter then it is referred to the principal or assistant principal.

School Theme

To help us focus on community and develop communal goals, LCS develops a theme each year.  From time to time the theme may be referred to in school correspondence, newsletters, chapels and assemblies.


Some of our Grade 4 and 5 students receive special training in conflict management skills and they function as intermediaries in minor playground squabbles while the students are outside. Peacemakers are highly visible in their red vests. They help other students solve difficulties without necessarily involving teachers.

Telephone Use

Students may use a telephone in special circumstances and emergencies only. If a call is necessary your child must first receive his or her teacher’s permission to use the phone.

Parents are requested to use their discretion in phoning messages for their child(ren) at school.  Please try to make arrangements for after-school activities before your child leaves home in the morning.  It is difficult to deliver numerous messages that are phoned in during the last five minutes of the school day.  Please reserve this for emergencies only.