It has been said that a school's religious heartbeat is the implementation of its curriculum. Curriculum at LCHS engages teacher and student alike in a collaborative exploration of God's world. A Christian curriculum seeks to explore all the dimensions of creation from a perspective that honours God the Father as Creator, God the Son as Redeemer, and God the Spirit as Sanctifier of our lives. The more we perceive our world through the glasses of Scripture, the more we can engage the spirits of our age and become agents of healing and reconciliation in a broken and hurting world. A concerted effort is therefore made to emphasize worthwhile content that inspires engaged learning.

In departmental subject areas, teachers collaborate to develop learning experiences that are significant to their lives and their callings. Teaching and learning strategies include whole class instruction/discussion, independent work and small group projects. Electronic technology is becoming increasingly useful for learning. Students are assessed both formatively (assessment for learning) and summatively (assessment of learning) by way of quizzes, tests, projects, presentations, portfolios, and other assignments.

On average grade 9 and 10 students can expect to complete at least 1.5 hours of homework daily, while grade 11 and 12 students should expect a minimum of two hours daily. Grade 9 and 10 students are provided with day-planners, which grade 11 and 12 students may purchase at the front office. Homework is intended to be meaningful and to enrich students' understanding of new ideas or skills. We request that parents work with their son/daughter to encourage the development of effective study skills. In order for students to get the most out of homework assignments, it is important that homework be completed on time. Students with incomplete assignments will be held accountable for unfinished work. Student work habits will be evaluated and reported in the Work Habits column of the Report Cards. 

High School Program Guide 2016-2017


Chapel in our High School carries on a long tradition of meeting together weekly to celebrate God’s goodness and reinforce our communal values.  We celebrate our common belief that Jesus is Lord over all of creation and over every part of Langley Christian School.

All of our chapels include some aspect of worship.  Students are encouraged to participate in worship teams, leading in singing, playing, prayer and liturgy.  All students who attend chapels participate in worship by singing and active listening.

The chapel coordinator, with input from students, staff and administration, chooses themes that are timely and appropriate for High School students.  By inviting speakers from elsewhere and from our own community, or by the use of videos, topics chosen for chapels challenge students to develop a deeper sense of understanding about the intersection of faith and the prevailing culture.

Chapels are held on Fridays at 9:15 am. Our chapels are always open to parents and others who wish to learn and celebrate with us.  



We believe that God, the master creator reveals himself through the world around us and has provided each individual with creativity. In response, we acknowledge God's goodness and seek for students to develop their skills in Drama, Music, and Visual Arts. The Fine Arts exist to prepare students for a life of service and leadership to their community through a commitment to excellence.

Understanding that all of life is an act of worship, we wish to develop in our students' deliberate Christian worldviews in their perspectives of the musical, theatrical and artistic world through exposure to a wider world of Fine Arts.


We believe that Fine Arts:

  • honour God and give a picture of our worldview. Understanding the paradox where Scripture speaks of "creation as both gloriously beautiful and tainted by sin", there is a tension experienced in the world in which we live. The Fine Arts Department at LCHS believes that "every square inch" of God's creation will be redeemed and transformed for eternity, and must take that to heart in our creation of music, dramatic productions and art making;
  • provide opportunity for students to see and experience beauty in well-created music, drama and visual art; to express their faith and beliefs through their productions; to enjoy creating -- appreciating their own talents as well as the talents of others; to develop a refinement of skill both individually and corporately;
  • celebrate God's "everyday goodness" to us;
  • challenge students to prepare for and discover their life calling to God and their community;
  • are a response to creation, to life, to God.



EARN WHILE LEARN! The Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA) program is offered to those students who are pursuing a career in certified trades through the Industry Training Association (ITA). Students in the program are gainfully employed as an apprentice with a company that offers opportunity for "hands-on" experience in the trade they are interested in. Additionally students who complete the program and obtain 900 hrs of work will receive 18 additional credits on their Dogwood Diploma, 18 credit hours towards their ITA certification in the trade they pursue, and a $1000.00 cheque from the government upon completion. Students enrolled will also benefit from the contacts and references that are a natural result of becoming a successful apprentice. Not only are students who complete the program "in demand" in an economy looking for motivated individuals, but they are students who will have used their high school experience to establish a future for themselves. If you are interested and want more information, contact Mr. D. Mitchell in person or send an email to set up an appointment. Email


BE SURE BEFORE UNIVERSITY! The Internship Program (WEX) provides an opportunity for students to develop "on the job" skills and knowledge while directly experiencing an occupation. Students volunteer with a mentor employer in an area that they are interested in. This experience is meant to help students formulate their career path, as well as create contacts and references to use on resumes. The experience will also help students as they make the big decisions such as where to go for post-secondary education and what program to start off with. Students who successfully complete an internship earn 4 credits towards graduation. If you are interested an want more information, contact Mr. J. Zuidhof in person or send an email to set up an appointment: Email



High school students have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of sports teams representing our school. Each school year we enter teams into the Christian school tournament schedule as well as the local public school leagues. Each team consists of students who demonstrate strong skills in that specific sport.


Program Objectives

  • To glorify God through the care and training of the student's physical being.
  • To provide an avenue for students to express their love for God through athletic excellence
  • To provide an opportunity for male and female students to participate in sport at an elite level.
  • To compete at a high level and strive to win in the contests that LCS participates in.
  • To provide an opportunity for student-athletes to excel to the highest potential of his or her ability.
  • To develop physical fitness, athletic skill and knowledge, good sportsmanship and other desirable social and personal qualities.
  • To promote and provide a high level of athletic competition as a desirable form of student entertainment.
  • To promote unity between various teams, LCS students, faculty, alumni, friends and the Langley community through a common identity and supportive fellowship.

LCS Lightning Athletics



Service is a key component of our mission and core values.  A definition of service that we promote is being open to the Holy Spirit nudging us to help others.  All of us must have our eyes wide open to the needs of those within our own school community, our local community, our country, and our world.

In that broad sense service can never be limited to a few programs and events sponsored by the school.  Authentic service happens every day in a wide variety of ways.  Many service opportunities at the school are, therefore, “ad hoc.”  Typically students become aware of a need, send out the word for help and raise money or donate services to meet the need. There are, however, a number of organized opportunities to serve at Langley Christian High School. 

On a global scale, each year our students participate in World Vision’s Thirty Hour Famine.  Over the last number of years LCS students have raised over $200,000 dollars for this cause.  Students have also contributed significantly to help provide our sister school in South Africa with administrative and educational assistance. 

Locally, students regularly provide food and practical assistance for those in our community who need it.  Students also assist local humanitarian agencies and churches with their work.