Christian education is based on the conviction that knowledge of the Bible and of Jesus Christ is essential to the development and growth of the child.  This belief calls for the integration of faith and learning.  Every subject area is seen as part of this bigger picture and thus taught from a Christian perspective.


Christian teachers play a key role in opening a child’s eyes to the wonders of God’s creation and to the effects of human sin and rebellion. They want to point students to the redemption offered in Christ and to the coming new creation. They want to help students prepare themselves for a life of faith and service, by giving them the insights, knowledge and skills they need.

Our students, who are called to this faithful service, are unique individuals- each with differences in abilities and in ways of learning. The instructional program at LCS aims to respect each student’s individuality and to help students recognize and use their gifts.  Our curriculum principals assist teachers in developing their instructional program.


Langley Christian meets provincial requirements as set by the Ministry of Education and endorsed by the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia. The staff and education committee review the course outlines and the school curriculum on an annual basis. Specific areas of the school program are dealt with intensively on a rotational cycle.  In all subject areas the emphasis is placed on the integration of our Christian perspective and school philosophy. For further details on this you can contact the school office.




Chapels are normally held on Monday mornings between 8:50 - 9:30 AM throughout the school year. Generally these chapels include singing and a short devotional time with school related announcements. Parents are always welcome to join the staff and students.

Special assemblies or programs may also occur at different times. You will be informed of these special events. Childcare is usually available during chapels for pre-school children in the staff room.



Some of the learning at Langley Christian happens on school trips to many interesting places, which are connected to units that classrooms are studying. Parents are always notified when students will be leaving and returning to school. School rules always apply to field trips. Remember that away from school, students represent LCS and the things that it believes to members of the public. Our students are to serve as good representatives of our school and of Christ.

We attempt to control the extra costs arising from field trips but there are times when some extra fees must be charged. We often rely on parental assistance on class outings.


Student Outreach

LCS sponsors foster children from different places in the world throughout the year. During the year students will be asked to contribute some of your own money to help support these children.  We have an ongoing opportunity to give to the local Food Bank. Students and families may add to the Food Bank table at any time.


Peacemakers help fellow students solve problems that develop on the playground. Students in Grades 4 and 5 may participate in the peacemaker program. Both training and commitment are required throughout the year. 

Signing Club

Students are invited to learn sign language. This club meets weekly and has fun while learning sign language to sign with songs and stories.

Kilometre Club

Kilometre Club is open to all students from Grade 3 to 5. During the fall and again in the spring Running Club meets at recess on Tuesday and Thursday. Students keep track of the laps they run and are eligible for awards for their efforts.


Grades 1-5 students may participate in the intramural program throughout the school year. This program consists of a variety of sports and emphasizes participation and teamwork. Intramurals take place during the morning and noon recesses.


LCS participates in some competitive sports with other Christian schools. The school usually has opportunities for students to join, cross-country, 19,200 metre, and track and field.

Other Clubs

Students are also able to participate in a number of other clubs throughout the year including Book Clubs, Photography Club , Drama Club, and Choir.


Physical Education


In physical education students learn that bodily development and physical fitness are necessary to serve the Lord responsibly. Students are encouraged to develop a lifestyle that will adopt this approach to fitness as well as individual and team sports. The Grade 4 program includes a swimming program. In Grades 4 & 5 an intramural program is introduced. A running program during recess time is also promoted. Two specialists teach the P.E. program.

Team Sports

running program during recess time is also promoted. Two specialists teach the P.E. program.

Our Langley Christian School elementary campus provides an opportunity for students to experience athletic competition in an inclusive and safe learning environment. Students are able to compete on a limited basis. Grade 2 sports are integrated into the program, Grade 3 to 5 may participate in: running club, cross-country running, and track and field.


All grade three, four, and five students are assigned to an intramural team. Teams of the same gender engage in games of indoor soccer, Atomic volleyball, floor hockey, and baseball. All games are refereed by grade five students and supervised by teachers. Points are awarded for the actual score, team participation, and sportsmanship. A student in these grades will play in a game about once every two weeks.

Sports Clubs


Basketball club is open to grade four and five students.  It is offered on two separate days after school from 3-4:30pm to accommodate busy student schedules. This is a great opportunity for students to improve their basketball skills, practice team work and stay active.


Students in grade three, four and five are invited to join Running Club. We run or walk on the track for ten minutes at recess time twice a week throughout the year. Students who participate consistently are acknowledged with a medal at an assembly at the end of the year.


Volleyball club is open to grade four and five students. It is offered on two separate days after school from 3-4:30pm to accommodate busy student schedules. The Atomic Volleyball program allows students of all levels to succeed. 

Grade 4 & 5 Cross Country

The grade four and five students have the opportunity to join the cross country team. They compete in the Lafarge Cross Country Series of four meets in Abbotsford and in the CESS meet at Bear Creek. Middle school students also participate in these meets.