At Langley Christian School we strive to integrate our mission and vision into all facets of our student's lives. Our Biblical worldview is the foundation of everything we do in the school; God the Father created every part of this world, continues to care for it and will fully restore it in the future, Jesus Christ is proclaimed as Lord and Saviour. Since we cannot overcome sin and its effects on our own, we need to see Christ as Lord over all, The Holy Spirit works in each of us throughout our lives, assisting us daily in our Christian walk. Integrating this worldview into our entire educational program involves celebration, discovery, creativity and response in the context of a caring community.

Langley Christian School acknowledges God's sovereignty over all by celebrating the wonder of creation and continuously being awestruck by a loving God who continuously demonstrates his love for all of creation.


Langley Christian School is a place where students, teachers and parents are able to discover an ever expanding body of knowledge about every aspect of the cosmos under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Discovery of the world leads to a deeper understanding of God and all learning opportunities at the school are designed for that purpose.

Langley Christian School delights in students expressing their creative gifts. As image-bearers of God, each person is uniquely gifted and the school has both the joy and responsibility of offering students opportunities to develop and use those gifts.

Langley Christian School instills in students the need to respond God's gifts and faithfulness in ways that serve Him and others. We expect students to live grateful lives and learn to use their gifts to be agents of transformation; bringing integrity, healing, justice and mercy, to people and the environment, while they remain in school and anywhere they may be placed in the future.

Langley Christian School is a community that represents the body of Christ.  As members of the same body we recognize our dependence on each other as we grow in our faith.  Each student, staff member and parent is a valued element of the community.