LCMS strives to integrate Christian faith into every aspect of school life. Teachers work and pray with the goal that students develop a vibrant, personal faith in God through Jesus Christ; a faith that acknowledges God’s will and design for everything from interpersonal relationships to areas of curriculum.



LCMS is intentional about developing positive, collaborative relationships between students, parents and teachers. We recognize that the success of our educational mission depends upon a community holding shared values and characterized by acceptance, encouragement, mutual respect, and loving discipline.


LCMS offers a curriculum that is integrated by drawing meaningful connections between subject areas, by developing interdisciplinary units and by incorporating relevant, active learning experiences.


LCMS helps students learn how to learn. Effective work habits and pride in workmanship are promoted and valued. Students are expected to achieve to the best of their abilities.


LCMS values the connection between home and school. We strengthen that connection through regular communication and by encouraging parent participation and input into their child’s learning.


LCMS promotes student participation in decisions that impact their education. Our young adolescents are being welcomed into the adult world with its greater range of choices and increased responsibility.


LCMS seeks to excite adolescents with knowledge of God’s world by helping them experience new ideas and develop new skills for learning. We challenge adolescents to explore their talents and abilities as they seek to fulfill God’s desire for their lives.


LCMS fosters the development of adolescents’ commitment to Jesus Christ by providing them with opportunities to actively serve others, both within and outside the school community.


LCMS believes the best educational program for young adolescents is delivered through a team of educators. Teachers and staff collaborate in order to maximize their effectiveness in reaching educational goals.