A Langley Christian High School student is an image bearer of God who:


Follows God

By growing in faith through study of the Word in Scripture and Creation

Through prayer and worship

By developing personal, spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional gifts

By growing as disciples of Jesus Christ


Loves God and others

By promoting justice and compassion at school and beyond

As global citizens

By humbly serving others

Through honest and effective communication which expresses understanding in a variety of forms

By demonstrating a collaborative spirit


Aims for academic excellence

Through commitment to life-long learning

By developing creativity, innovation, knowledge and skills, and sharing these with others

By discerning strengths and weaknesses

By setting short and long term goals and priorities

By demonstrating high standards of performance


Makes decisions thoughtfully

By following the leading of  God’s Word and Spirit

By using information to develop understanding and make judgments

By taking responsibility to solve problems

By learning from mistakes


Explores God’s creation

By learning about our world

By taking care of God’s creation                               


"Fan into flame the gift of God which is in you." (II Timothy 1:6)