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For current LCS families, to start bussing, make changes to bussing, or discontinue the bussing service, please fill out the following online form:

LCS Bus Service/CCSTA

Annual Transportation Fees 

Tuition Schedule and Bussing 2017-2018

*Maximum family charge is $1800  (only $180 each school month).

5% discount applies to each appropriate field in the chart above if enrolled with CCSTA by June 15.

One-way Rider (either morning or evening) - fee is 60% of the appropriate field in the chart.

Part-time Rider - if your child is involved before or after school in an activity that is seasonal you may sign up for transportation for the non-activity months.

Please note:

One-way and Part-time Rider is only available if there is room; Full-time riders’ needs are met first.  The June 15 discount for One-way and Part-time Rider still applies.
We ask that if you make changes during the school year that you provide 30 days notice.

Transportation charges can be paid with the tuition payment plan but are not tax receiptable.

Zone 1: Between 80th Ave & 16th Ave, between 196th St & 256th St.

Zone 2: Outside zone 1, between Fraser River & 0 Ave, between 176th St & Lefeuvre 

Zone 3: East of Lefeuvre Rd. and West of 176th St.