The emotional highs and lows that occur while playing on a sports team are difficult to match in any other areas of life. These emotions, however, are temporary, and usually only last for a few brief moments. Most would agree that great memories are formed both on and off the court while playing on a team, and these experiences provide stories that are told for years to come. The questions that continuously rise to the surface of discussions regarding sport are: Are those temporary moments of joy that are only earned through hours and hours of training, commitment, and sacrifice really worth it? Are there some core values that are learned through participation in sport that truly help people in their future endeavors and help develop life skills?

The answer is YES! Research has shown that the attitudes and practices developed through involvement in sports activities in high school are transferred to students for the development of overall life skills. Sports have been shown to be beneficial for academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of participants. God has given us amazing opportunities to worship and glorify Him through sport, as well as be missional in our interactions with the communities that we enter. At LCS, the Athletic Department and Coaching Staff work hard to provide exceptional opportunities for our athletes!


To equip students to develop their gifts to their full potential and to develop Christ like discernment by providing opportunities for physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual development through the pursuit of  athletic excellence.


  • FALL
    • Boy’s Soccer (1 team made up of athletes grades 8-12)
    • Cross Country (Jr. and Sr. Teams)
    • Volleyball (Jr. and Sr. Teams)
    • Basketball (Jr. and Sr. Teams)
    • Girl’s Soccer (1 team made up of athletes grades 8-12)
    • Track and Field (Jr. and Sr. Teams)
    • Badminton (Jr. and Sr. Teams)
    • Ball Hockey (1-2 teams made up of athletes grades 9-12)


  • Langley District School Association (LDSSA)
    • League play and championships for Jr. Teams
  • Fraser Valley Athletic Association (FVSSAA)
    • League play and championships for Sr. Teams
    • Championships for Jr. Teams through zone qualifications
  • British Columbia Christian Schools Athletic Association (BCCSSAA)
    • Championships for Jr. and Sr. Teams
  • British Columbia School Sports (BCSS)
    • Provincials Championships for Sr. Teams


  • To glorify God through the care and training of the student’s physical body.
  • To provide an avenue for students to express their love for God through athletic excellence.
  • To provide an opportunity for male and female students to participate in sport at an elite level.
  • To compete at a high level and strive to win in the contests that LCS participates in.
  • To provide an opportunity for student-athletes to excel to the highest potential of his or her ability.
  • To develop physical fitness, athletic skill and knowledge, good sportsmanship and other desirable social and personal qualities.
  • To promote and provide a high level of athletic competition for the LCS community to enjoy and support.
  • To promote unity between various teams, LCS students, parents, faculty, alumni, friends and the Langley community through a common identity and supportive fellowship.


  • Extra Leadership Opportunities
    • REC LEADERSHIP: an opportunity to develop leadership by joining the LCS Athletics REC LEADERSHIP TEAM. This class is offered outside of the timetable (approximately 25% in class and 75% practical and experiential). In class we will discuss leadership theory and practice as well as plan for a variety of athletic and community events. All members of this team will benefit from leadership development, increased confidence, improved organizational skills, and ability to work effectively in a group. Experiences from this class will provide excellent resume builders and translate into many important life skills.