Annual Fund


Equipping Students, Transforming Lives

The LCS Annual Fund supports experiential education, improves inquiry-based learning, and enriches the learning environment for every student at our school by providing faculty-requested enhancements across the curriculum that help students discover and cultivate their God-given gifts.

The blessings received through the Annual Fund have resulted in tremendous program enhancements for our school. During the past five years, we have raised over $425,000 that has resulted in significant improvement to our educational and technical resources, as well as our academic and athletic facilities.  

In the past 5 years, the Annual Fund has enabled LCS to make improvements to its information technology program by purchasing iPads, Chromebooks, cloud-based access and enabling wireless connectivity. The AF has also contributed towards debt reduction, technical arts and playground spaces.

This year, the focus of our AF is to develop and broaden our robotics program and coding opportunities for all students.

What is the purpose of Robotics and Coding in a curriculum?

Coding is essentially written instructions that a robot or computer program can read and then execute. Students must determine the task they want to complete through a robot, design the code to make it happen, and then send it to the robot to view the outcome. Robotics allows students to see their thinking in a real way as they go through trial and error until the task is accomplished and the robot’s motions are performed as originally intended.

What skills do Robotics and Coding teach students?

When writing code, students have to think both critically and creatively to tell a robot what motions to fulfill and also have to ensure the code is correct. A piece of code needs to be precise and specific in order to function properly and more often than not, it’s not perfect the first time. If a code is not free from error, the robot simply won’t move.

Perseverance through struggle, problem-solving, a sense of agency, and collaboration (when working in pairs) are all encouraged, fostered, and achieved through such projects.

Parents, grandparents and alumni are encouraged to partner with the school’s faculty, staff and administration as they willingly and wholeheartedly share their gifts and talents to make LCS an excellent place of learning for our students. The fund drive provides an opportunity for all members of the broader Christian community to support the families within their community who have chosen Christian Education for their children and young people.

This year our Annual Fund goal is $100,000. Would you please join us in supporting the families of LCS and make a gift or a pledge to the Annual Fund? Every donation is important and appreciated!