Friends of LCS

The Friends of LCS group supports LCS through community building and fundraising. They play an important role in fundraising and helping host school-wide activities; coordinating annual fundraising events, the host family program, hot lunch programs, and providing hospitality at various LCS events.

Friends of LCS Mandate
The mandate of the Friends of Langley Christian School (LCS) is to coordinate school-wide fundraising activities and hospitality programs under the umbrella of the Development Office. The Friends of LCS is responsible for staging and coordinating various fundraising activities for the sole benefit of LCS.  Current activities include:

  • LCS Golf Tournament held annually in September
  • LCS Dinner & Auction held annually in February
  • LCS Year-end BBQ held annually in June
  • Host Family Program
  • Hot Lunch program

Any member of the LCS society is eligible to sit on the Friends Committee.

Reporting Structure
The Friends of LCS report through the Director of Development to the Superintendent. The Friends of LCS is ultimately accountable to the LCS Board.

Fundraising Events
The Annual Golf Tournament and Auction revenues will go toward designated projects approved by the Friends of LCS. The Spring Festival revenues will be used to fund approved funding requests during the year.

Financial Policy
Friends of LCS shall adhere to the Board approved a financial policy which shall ensure that funds raised by Friends are properly managed for the benefit of LCS and are subject to appropriate review by the LCS Board.

Distribution of Funds Policy
Friends of LCS shall adhere to the LCS Board approved distribution of funds policy.