About LCS

Why send your kids to Langley Christian School?

British Columbia is one of the highest performing and most progressive educational systems in the world, with a robust, re-designed 21st century curriculum, well-trained teachers and a flourishing network of community-based schools and schools of choice. We are proud to work with our local partnerships including churches, local businesses, public schools, other Christian independent schools and FISA to grow, improve and flourish as a dynamic independent school of choice, focused on providing a distinctively Christian, faith-based teaching and learning community that serves and supports families located in the heart of the beautiful Fraser Valley.  

What makes us unique in this region is our unity in Christ and the knowledge supported in research that a collective sense of purpose and common language is one of the most powerful determining factors in the success and health of schools. Therefore, our programming is guided by a set of common beliefs, values and practices that are aimed at ensuring your child thrives during his or her pre-K to grade 12 experience. 

  1. Inspirational and engaging curriculum integrated with core Christian faith and values
  2. Building authentic relationship and rapport with every student, modelling grace, love and safety and ensuring your child finds inclusion, connection and belonging
  3. Ensuring high impact, quality instruction in every classroom through our instructional framework that guides our professional learning and helps ensure every child achievesLCS K-12 Instructional Framework
  4. Intentional focus on early years foundations, literacy and numeracy
  5. Intentional focus on programming designed for Innovation and Impact:  Visit our Annual Fund page
  6. Value-added athletics, arts and extra-curricular opportunities that encourage wellness and wholeness